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Topic: Reference for orchestral pieces

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    Reference for orchestral pieces

    I'm looking for a book that lists pieces for symphonic orchestra. It should atleast have the release years and instrumentation for the most important classical repertoire. I don't know what to call these books but I know that they exist.

    Another option would be a fake book that uses the original key of the piece to show the most important musical ideas AND has the original instrumentation mentioned.

    Any ideas?

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    Re: Reference for orchestral pieces

    Check out this book. The Symphony: A Listener's Guide - I found it on Amazon.

    Its a pretty comprehensive book that I've looked through a few times on a book shelf. I dunno if this is exactly what your looking for, but it does show major pieces, the key, and instrumentation.

    Depending on what you are actually going to use this information for, the book might be good, but if your just looking for that information to know, just look at a few scores?

    Help that leads you in the right direction.


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