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Topic: Rex 2 vs. Multitrack and Stylus RMX w/ Drums on Demand?

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    Rex 2 vs. Multitrack and Stylus RMX w/ Drums on Demand?

    I was wondering about using the Drums on Demand multitrack versions vs. the Rex 2.
    Is the idea to create your song and construct the drum track using the Rex 2 version in RMX, and then use the multitrack version for mixing? Why isn't there a Rex 2 version of the multitrack? Is Rex 2 strictly stereo?

    Is anyone working this way? I have the Rex 2 versions of a couple of the DOD libraries, and I'm thinking about getting the multitrack versions for greater flexibility during mixdown. It just seems like too much of a hassle to separate the kick and snare using the edit groups in RMX ,using stereo drum loops for an entire song . Any thoughts or comments would be greatly appreciated.



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    Re: Rex 2 vs. Multitrack and Stylus RMX w/ Drums on Demand?

    Hi.. I just listened to the interactive item at DOD for the multitrack version...I don't know if it is true for all the loops..But there is a tremendous amount of spill-over on the loop used to demonstrate..So if you are looking to pull a kik from one loop..And a snare from another it might not work that well..If that is what you had in mind..If just having the flexibility of adjusting levels etc is what you need then it would seem not a bad deal..

    You may wish to check out Addictive Drums http://www.xlnaudio.com/ ..Download the demo..It actually is a Free cut down version..You can edit and save your kits and there is no time out..I think the demo comes with some midi files also...Or go here and download some sample midi files.. http://www.groovemonkee.com/home/

    I use both RMX and AD..Also Battery...I don't view RMX as a drum machine much..It is what it is..But for making beats...I rely on other things... JON

    OOPS...Or check out what may be the next major player in drum samples..Ocean Way Drums... http://www.sonicreality.com/products.php ...Major product from a major player..JON

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