I installed Cubase this past weekend. Now I am unable to either audition or choose sounds for my synths (HALion, etc.) When I go to Load Preset, the window is blank (i.e. nothing to choose from). I've done the Media Bay scans on all folders with pertinent files. When I open the Media Bay itself (or Loop Browser or Sound Browser), I can see the various sounds, but I cannot audition any of them or load them into a track.

AND THEN, right after I re-recorded a cello track using Garritan's Gofriller solo cello, my MIDI recording function went bonkers (that's a technical term!). All the notes I record get sucked over to 1:00:000, with a length of a 16th note. So the track starts with a discordant 16th note “chord”, and the rest of the track is empty! I can’t figure out why it’s doing that, or where I can adjust something to fix it.


Thanks in advance.

(Frustrated in Alberta, Canada)