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Topic: For PC game lovers... music in Spore

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    For PC game lovers... music in Spore

    According to an article in Wired about the upcoming game Spore:

    ... Wright pointed out that Spore even procedurally generates its musical tracks. "For any city, for any colony I make, a theme will be generated for it," he said.

    Wright collaborated with musician Brian Eno to create the music generator, which also allows users to jump in and create their own themes by clicking and dragging musical notes. "I could put in the Star Wars theme if I wanted to," Wright said.

    As if I weren't excited enough about this game... though I doubt any theme it generates will be as amazing as what we human composers can create, this seems to be quite an innovative use of music!! And I certainly won't mind writing my own themes for my cities! Woohoo!
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    Re: For PC game lovers... music in Spore

    Wow, this game just seems to be full of creation, eh? It just seems so massive in scope! I hope my computer can handle it

    Woo, post #100!!!!
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