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Topic: Turmoil by Living Waters Jazz

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    Turmoil by Living Waters Jazz

    This actually happened. I love Swing and decided to create a tune not much unlike the feel of the popular Russian folk song, Song Of The Volga Boatmen. Lots of grunting and howling and so forth. At the same time something I ordered was delivered via a major US carrier damaged. But who caused the damage was a mystery, so the seller filed a claim I was against. I would have preferred to ship the item back to the seller and let him settle it with the carrier. But no, this thing dragged on and on as I was working on the tune. Before long this somber tune became a reflection of my mood and so about a month later, both my tune and the mess were done. After a great deal of anguish and wasted time for this claim, I titled the song Turmoil.

    Let me explain about the mix. There is none. This is strictly as I hear it when I'm auditioning the band with a bit of Perfect Space added to give the room some acoustics. It's mono, no mix, no mastering, not even done yet (still need to do drums); raw as can be. But I hope you like it. It's for my next CD project. Five and a half minutes long, just pretend you're at the Savoy.


    Oh, most of this is JABB with the piano, lead & solo trumpet, lead & solo alto sax, tenor sax and 2nd trombone from other libraries. And yes that beautiful Bari Sax is all JABB.

    Rich Garber

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    Re: Turmoil by Living Waters Jazz

    I don't know if this is technically good, but it sounds WONDERFUL to me!!!!
    Great stuff. More of this please.

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    Re: Turmoil by Living Waters Jazz

    I hope your shipping mess came out as good in the end as this. I really love the feel to it. Even though they’re not JABB, I really like the sound of the solos, particularly the trumpet. Overall, sounds great.
    Trent P. McDonald

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    Re: Turmoil by Living Waters Jazz

    I don't entirely follow your story, but then, they never
    covered shipping and receiving in harmony class...

    But the music? Sounds great! If this is "raw", then
    definitely don't cook it... lol.

    Very well done, Rich! Much enjoyed.

    My best,


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    Re: Turmoil by Living Waters Jazz

    Nice bit of writing. I love 'cool" jazz and this piece fits the bill. I agree with David, don't go foolin' around with this. It's most enjoyable as it is right now. Nice work!!!
    We dream to write and we write to dream.

    Challenge #10 Winner

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    Re: Turmoil by Living Waters Jazz

    Ditto the "don't cook it" comment. The mix is just about what I hear in a couple of the dinner clubs around here - moderate sized places with a not-quite-crowded bandstand, in a room big enough to eat in but not so big you can't hear every instrument clearly.

    I like it, I like it! I hope your "tweaking" is only timing of entries, not the lines themselves. An element of realism (been there, done that!): trumpet two has solo, trumpet one misses the cue and plays the head. Great!

    I really like the balance of levels, for the most part. I would like to hear the bari come out a bit more . . . but I'm unabashedly biased!

    Thank you.


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    Re: Turmoil by Living Waters Jazz


    I'd say it is already cooked and ready as is. Great sounds.


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    Re: Turmoil by Living Waters Jazz

    Hey Rich, very much enjoyed!
    Your shipping mishap sounds like an eBay deal gone bad! Well, maybe not, but I can understand b/c I have had my share of them.

    There is such natural feel to your melodies and lines of thought in this ... very well rendered even though it is a bit raw. --- very nice work under the circumstances - a little misery can go a long way.

    "...Wiktor's a Jekyll-Hyde personality..." - Lycos Music

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    Re: Turmoil by Living Waters Jazz

    Thanks for listening and I appreciate the encouraging words.

    On the shipping thing I just thought it was strangely coincidental that it happened at the same time I was working on song I meant to be about anguish.

    And kudos to Mike, it was an ebay deal. The item is a used Yamaha YAS62 alto sax that I purchased at a good price, $1300. It was supposed to be dent free but it arrived with some odd dents in the horn in the flare of the bell. Nothing major but when I questioned the seller he immediately filed the UPS claim which I guess was his way of pushing the blame on UPS. I didn't believe the seller, but UPS was saying if they paid the claim they were going to confiscate the horn and then pay the seller the claim money. Say what!?

    After a month of this I lost my patience and told UPS I wasn't going along with the findings, whatever they decided, but they informed me later that day they weren't going to pay out the claim anyway. I'm finally getting the horn fixed. They told me I shouldn't while there was the investigation ongoing. It's a real nice horn, plays well, great tone. I used to own a Selmer Mark 6.

    "I would like to hear the bari come out a bit more . . . but I'm unabashedly biased!" - Joe

    Sounds like there's another Bari man in this crowd! You got to love us Bari players. Mine was a Yamaha YB61. Loved it, but rarely had an opportunity to play it before I sold it.

    Anyway, I posted the song unfinished and unmixed as it is to illustrate a point of technique for a thread that was in the JABB forum. I mentioned that I use a layering of libraries for "chair" placement and that JABB works well as substantial part of the band. I know that JABB is a composer's library but to me it does really well in performance too. I thought it would be a good idea to illustrate how well that works by putting up a song where you're hearing it as I hear it (straight from Sonar). All this is done with all the samples occupying RAM with none of the tracks bounced to audio and no more effects used than what was used in the JABB demos (as far as I can tell).


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    Re: Turmoil by Living Waters Jazz

    Hi, Rich

    Quite a story, and QUite the track! You said you love Swing, and that fact is abundantly clear when hearing your tune. Really nice arrangement, and under the sure hand of someone who obviously loves Jazz.

    A couple things you said are a bit perplexing:

    "...Let me explain about the mix. There is none. This is strictly as I hear it when I'm auditioning the band with a bit of Perfect Space added to give the room some acoustics. It's mono, no mix, no mastering..."

    Actually, I understand what you mean. You haven't gone through the full-tilt audio engineering thing you're accustomed to doing in Sonar. But this Is a mix - Just because you haven't bounced to audio and done work in that realm doesn't mean it's not a mix. You've settled on the relative volumes of instruments, even if they involve default values, and you've added reverb. We don't Always have to do a huge song-and-dance to arrive at a two-track master.

    This obviously is sounding good already, so you clearly shouldn't get carried away doing a lot more in the mix--But, as I said, you Do have a mix here, and it sounds really nice.

    It's also not Mono. Your drums are clearly in their default stereo panning positions, and there's spread on the brass too, again probably the defaults. Just because we don't tweak around with those settings doesn't mean it's somehow coming out Mono. You'd have to be piping everything through single monaural tracks, with everything absolutely dead center for it to be Mono. The bit of stereo in this mix is already sounding pretty darned fine.

    And I didn't get what this meant:

    "...most of this is JABB with the piano, lead & solo trumpet, lead & solo alto sax, tenor sax and 2nd trombone from other libraries..."

    That sentence is saying that piano, trumpets, saxes, 2nd trombone are all from "other libraries"----so how could it also be true that "most of this is JABB"--? I'm just confused what we're actually hearing.

    Thanks, Rich - Loved the listen.

    Randy B.

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