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Topic: Waiting to download Chris Hein Fretless Bass- AHHHHHH!!!

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    Waiting to download Chris Hein Fretless Bass- AHHHHHH!!!

    Nothing bad. Just bored. Waiting for the files to finish downloading! My wife was gracious enough to "allow" me(haha!) to buy this for Valentines Day(better than any freaking chocolates, that's for sure!). It was the first thing I had in mind when we agreed on the amounts to spend, bar none.

    Now, what to do while I wait? I'm too excited to FINALLY get a fretless library that is worth something(let's face it, the Kontakt 2 fretless sucks!). Not only that, but I'm getting the KING of fretless libraries! And I feel that I will be coming back for the picked bass as well. I watched the feature videos and I'm blown away.

    I already own Black Bass, and this is going to go right along with it. THIS is why I chose Kontakt for my sampler. No other sampler that I've ever seen can accomplish the things that these guys(Chris Hein and Scarbee and others) do with this thing.

    Absolutely amazing, and I can't wait!


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    Re: Waiting to download Chris Hein Fretless Bass- AHHHHHH!!!

    Well, my preliminary thoughts- absolutely amazing! I will say that there is a learning curve to this library, but I expected it. There was with Black Bass as well. It's like a new synth. So much to control, and you can change the sound in so many ways. Even more so with Chris Hein Bass.

    The sound is awesome though through my monitors. I can't wait to insert this into something. Also, a more detailed review later. But for now, worth every penny!


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