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Topic: Sample Developers, REX producers, please read this

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    Exclamation Sample Developers, REX producers, please read this

    It would be great if you would all use logical, musically useful naming for your files, so that the files line up by BPM or key. Or, even better, use sub-folders with the files organised by BPM/key.

    So many libraries come with the BPM or key info at the end of the name, which makes for a jumbled-up file order when working on the desktop, in the sampler or in RMX's browser. That means a tedious task of renaming for the user (I use Renamer For Mac -which makes it fairly quick, but it would be better if I could just get on with the music ;-))!

    Thanks for listening!!


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    Re: Sample Developers, REX producers, please read this

    My loop libraries are organized into folders named after the tempo.

    My first sample library (shortcircuit essentials volume 1) has samples organized by folders AND the sample names are named after the key such as "C2.wav", "F2.wav" etc, so you can easily load these samples into another sampler without much effort.

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