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Topic: Can someone critique this computer set up?

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    Can someone critique this computer set up?

    I have this list of parts for running bdf2-komplete and soon symphonic orchestra along with various other vsts. Any suggestions on making it better?

    MBI Gigabyte GA-P35-DS3 S775 P35 ATX
    for Intel® Pentium® 4/Core 2 Duo|Intel® P35/ICH9 Chipsatz|Soc
    7.1 HD-Sound|GLAN|6x SATAII|1x UDMA100
    4x Dual Channel DDR2 533/667/800|1333/1066/800 MHz FSB
    1x PCI- Express 16x|3x PCI- Express 1x|3x PCI

    Intel® Core 2 Quad Q6600 2,40GHz box S775 Quad Core
    FSB 1066 MHz|2x 4096KB L2-Cache
    NX-Flag Support|EM64T|Socket 775
    Thermal-Design Power : 105W
    Quad-Core CPU

    CPU Fan:
    Arctic Freezer 7 per Socket 775 Intel® CPUs LxBxH: 96,5x107x126,5 mm
    300-2500 U/min|airstream: 45 CFM / 77 m3/h, weight: 520 g, noise: 0.9 Sone

    4 Pieces RAM DD2 1GB PC667 Kingston Value RAM
    - DDR2 Memory, PC667
    - CL5

    Graphic Card
    GIGABYTE GV-NX86T256H, 256MB nVIDIA GeForce 8600 GT PCI-E, SilentPipe2
    Chipclock: 540MHz|Memoryclock.: 700MHz|128bit Speicherbus
    Unified Shader Architecture with 32 Pipelines|2x DVI|TV-Out
    max. comsumption: approx. 43W (by manufacturer)
    needs additional power from power unit
    passiv cooled|needs 2 Slots


    Matrox 128MB P650 DH PCI-Express 1, 128 MB DDR RAM DVI, TV-Out DualHead

    2 x Western Digital Enterprise WD RE, 500 GB
    7200 rpm | 16MB Cache | Serial-ATA II, 3 GB/s
    2 x Samsung HD501LJ, 500 GB
    Spinpoint T166 | 7200 rpm | 16MB Cache | Serial-ATA II, 3 GB/s

    (no RAID!)

    Floppy Disk: (optional)
    NEC 3,5" 1,44MB

    DVD Drive:
    DVDRW 18/16/8 LG GSA-H50N ±R/RW
    18x/8x DVD+R/+RW|18x/6x DVD-R/-RW|12x DVD-RAM
    10x/10x DVD+R/-R Dual Layer
    48x/32x CD-R/RW|16x/48x DVD/CD read

    Midi Silentmaxx ST-11 without Power Unit BxHxT: 150/520/440 Front: USB/Audio
    3x 5,25", 4x 3,5" optional fan at back: 2x 80mm, at bottom: 1x 120mm,
    noise isolation

    Power Unit:
    FSP Power Supply Blue Storm II 400W ATX 2.2 Full Range

    120x120 Revoltec Air Guard
    120 x 120 x 25mm, Hysint bearing 1200 U/min, 89,1 m³/h, 24 dBA


    80x80 Revoltec "Air Guard"
    80 x 80 x 25mm, Hysint bearing 2000 U/min, 44 m³/h, 25 dBA

    (thanks to ian)

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    Re: Can someone critique this computer set up?

    naa seems ok and is also way to much information!
    like info over board!

    you will want to be careful of how loud that machine is going to be also
    make sure the mother board can take another 4 gigs of ram

    Kingston is good RAM

    Make sure that the powersupply can handle everything easly!

    Check the fan on the video card, that video card might run damn hot.

    has Firewire and USB2? I am sure it does.
    All I can Say is...HA!...HA!...HAAAAAAA!!!!!

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    Re: Can someone critique this computer set up?

    What audio interface are you planning on using? The onboard 7.1 is nice, but it is definitely not what you will want to use for recording or live performance due to latency issues. If you tell us a budget and what you're planning to record and whether you need live audio we can help you out in that regard too.

    You can look into getting a nice PCI soundcard to shove in or a firewire 400 external. If you go firewire, I didn't see firewire mentioned on your spec, but you can buy PCI cards that add that functionality. For best compatibility, get a firewire controller with the Texas Instruments chipset (around 30 bucks).

    You might also consider a 3-drive system: An 80-100GB drive for the system, and then two large ones to be used for sample streaming and recording.

    Also, Gold will run nicely on that system, but Plat will still crumble. It's just so darn BIG that multiple machines are required to run it simultaneously. Even that machine will run out of RAM, especially with a 32-bit system. That brings us to the next questions: What OS and DAW?

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    Re: Can someone critique this computer set up?

    It's also wise the get a mobo with as few integrated peripherals as possible. I ended up disabling my integrated ethernet NIC due to IRQ sharing issues to get my PCI-based audio interface to work properly at low latencies (will get a new mobo next time I'm upgrading).
    Anders Dahnielson

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    Re: Can someone critique this computer set up?

    I have the Corsair VX450W power supply which is rated as the quietest power supply. It has a single rail for the 12V supply. Has plenty of connectors for SATA drives. The fan is 120mm fan and it comes with a 5 year warranty.

    My system has only 1 single 120mm fan at the rear of the case. It is only 20db at the speed it's running and is plenty to keep the system cool with 4 hard drives in it. The newer Intel processors put out much less heat than the older P4's.

    I'm using the same Gigabyte video card you listed and it works great besides being silent.


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    Re: Can someone critique this computer set up?

    Thank you guys! I am planning on getting 3 drives instead(1 op 1 audio 1 sample) Will I need more than 450 watts? Do they have the same "quiet"
    power supply with more watts?

    I am going to be using the rme fireface 400 with platinum..
    true strike bundle, bfd2, komplete 5, celtic wind ect with fl and samplitude 10 pro as a host.. What should I do to make sure I am able to run all these smoothly? And as soon as Omnisphere comes out I am adding that too...
    A super computer?

    Any recommendations on what computer I will need to do this?

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    Re: Can someone critique this computer set up?

    Quote Originally Posted by memyselfandus View Post

    Do they have the same "quiet"
    power supply with more watts?

    Ratings in watts are just meaningless.

    Check the actual output in amps. About 30 amps @ 12-volt will handle things in a high-performance system. If it has two rails, add them to judge. Such amperage is available from a few PSU's rated at 350 amps. And a great many rated at 650 will produce no more. A good power supply need cost no more than $50.

    "Sparkle" is a good brand to look for, in spite of its electrically-alarming name.

    Most PSU's with 120 mm fans are plenty quiet for studios.

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    Re: Can someone critique this computer set up?

    Definitely go with the 120mm fan that you were considering, not the 80mm. The 120mm will move a lot more air at around the same noise level -- so if you get a fan controller you could bump down the speed and move the same amount of air as the 80mm but much more quietly.

    For hard drives I like the seagate brand -- haven't bought anything else for the last few years -- but that's probably just personal taste... I'm sure all hard drive brands are comparably quiet and fast these days.

    For power supplies I like seasonic. I've got three of various wattage ratings (from 300 to 600) and they're all very quiet with nice big slow 120mm fans.

    You absolutely don't want to use your built-in sound card. The latency of the built-in soundcard will be unacceptable, it will have excessive noise, and it will only have unbalanced outputs. What's the point of getting a silent computer when your sound card is putting out loads of hiss? :-) I recently got an EMU 1212M and have been quite happy with it. I've heard others say m-audio has comparably good cards.

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