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Topic: "Concert & Marching Band" on stage

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    "Concert & Marching Band" on stage

    Hello friends,

    a few weeks ago I had presented my own composed march who is called "Fröhlich" and posted it in a first version.

    Well, I had some time and have done some editing here and there and re-edited the mix. All instruments are of the CoMB.

    I work with Cubase 4 and did a lot of editing in Kontakt3 and in every channel I used equalizers and compressors. Reverb is the Voxengo Pristine Space and there I used an IR from Kontakt3 (Concert Hall)

    I hope you enjoy! Any feedback is welcome!

    "Music is the shorthand of emotion." Leo Tolstoy

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    Re: "Concert & Marching Band" on stage

    That is outstanding, Herr Gunther! Sehr gut!

    You have achieved some true realism and I enjoyed it very much. This is also a fine march. Thanks for posting it.

    My best,

    Larry G. Alexander

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    Re: "Concert & Marching Band" on stage

    Gunther -

    An absolute pleasure to listen to. I found the flow, blend, thematic developments and articulations as near flawless as they could be. The rendering was (is!) truly life-like from here.

    While I listened I thought I might say something about the slightly "muddy" bottom notes. By midpoint of the piece I had changed my mind. When I heard the ending I was sure you were exactly right! I'm saving this for more listening.

    Thank you for sharing this.


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    Re: "Concert & Marching Band" on stage


    This sounds sooo German to my uneducated ears. I can just imagine myself sitting in a beer hall, asking the beautiful waitress to bring me another stein of Bavarian Beer.

    Everyone is swinging their drinks to the music and laughing and just having a grand ole time.

    Love that last note!!!

    Great stuff


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    Re: "Concert & Marching Band" on stage

    Well, it just doesn't get much better than this. German though it may be, the sound and spirit is representative to every band that has played in a park on a warm summer night anywhere in the world.

    Above all, though, is the treatment you have used to bring the instruments to life.

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    Re: "Concert & Marching Band" on stage

    That was really very incredible! I appreciate your tuba work especially the very last note. Your march has a great balance of formality and circus-like atmosphere. Your melodies, phrasing, and progressions were dead on! Perfect! Thank you for sharing this.

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    Re: "Concert & Marching Band" on stage

    Man, it has been AGES since I've heard a concert march, and I'm glad I decided to listen to this one! I think it had a bit of a polka feel, which really just enhanced the german feel to it. (though I believe the polka originated in Switzerland?) I don't know, i'm not much of a musical genre officionado, but either way, I loved the feel, thanks for the listen!
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    Re: "Concert & Marching Band" on stage


    A fantastic piece and so well rendered. It sounds
    incredibly "real." Excellent job........

    Listened to this a number of times. It has drive and
    makes one think he is at a real band concert or viewing
    a parade.

    BRAVO, Gunther

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    Re: "Concert & Marching Band" on stage

    Gunther - a real joy to listen to. And well-recorded and mixed too! The tuba was clear as a bell in the mix which is rare. I especially liked the intro. Hell, the rest was really good in its own rite as well after listening to it again.

    Thanks for sharing and well done!! - Del
    Music happens to be an art form that transcends language. - Herbie Hancock


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    Re: "Concert & Marching Band" on stage

    Holy cow! Gunny, that's one heck of a mix!

    Can I come take lessons? I promise to bring cabbage.

    Seriously -- fantastic job on this; the clarity and
    presence are superb.

    My best,


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