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Topic: Dfd

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    Could someone advise me please? When using Kompakt instruments, there is an option which lets the user disable DFD. I find this works well for me, since I have plenty of RAM. But in Kontakt 3, I cannot find any option for doing the same thing. So everytime I load something I have to reload the samples from the default DFD to 'sampler'. Is there a global option for taking care of this?
    Any suggestions gratefully received!
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    Re: Dfd

    With Kontakt 2/3 you choose sampler/DFD mode for each group of an instrument. There's no global selector. After setting an instrument up with the desired mode you can re-save it, optionally with a different name to also retain the original version.

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    Re: Dfd

    thanks Nickie, that answers my question

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