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Topic: struggleing with midi assingments

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    struggleing with midi assingments

    Im a Stylus rmx user/ This is combined with abelton 6 and an edirol pcr m80. I am not able to assign with midi learn relaibaly. some rotors or sliders will not respond to any assignment. Still other times Two assignments will go to one rotor or slider without my touching but one. I would love to take advantage of the midi portion of Stylus. Edirol has not been able to help me. The keys work just not rotors or sliders. Im using a pc. Spectrasonics is confused by this behaviou as ell. Tje track in question is armed. Im not sure how to set the midi input and output because I have multiple Edirol inputs and outputs listed. Can anyone out there help me?

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    Re: struggleing with midi assingments

    Hi stratman and welcome. You've stumbled into the Technical Support area for Garritan products and you might have a better suite of responses in the future to topics like this by posting in the virtual instruments forum. But that doesn't mean we won't try to assist you.

    I am not an Ableton or Stylus user, but I see several possibilities. If the multiple slider assignment is not random (as in, two sliders are always the two which are paired) then they are probably sending the same type of midi controller information. Check your M80 manual for information on how to remap their functionality. It may also be a glitch in your signal chain within Ableton.

    Concerning the multiple inputs and outputs, if you are using a MIDI cable to communicate between ableton and the keyboard, the only set that concerns you is EDIROL PCR MIDI IN and EDIROL PCR MIDI OUT. If you are using the USB, then EDIROL PCR1 sends the midi note information typically and PCR2 sends the bulk transmission information. It can also be programmed as two different midi transmission ports, allowing for notes and a control surface. See the section beginning at page 40 in your user manual for details.


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