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Topic: Deleting Stacks...

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    Deleting Stacks...


    I'm trying to use GS3 as a live sampler and I'm using Stacks so I can layer strings etc. All I want to do is delete some unused stacks from the list to make patch numbering easier - does anyone know how to delete stacks?


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    Re: Deleting Stacks...

    Dear Jimmy,

    All you should have to do is go down to the instrument list (white on grey lettering below the general area of the MIDI loader window), right-click on the no-longer-required stacked instrument, and then click on "Unload selected". Just make sure you don't click on "Unload all" or you will have to start all over again (like me when I get sleepy).

    On this point, does anyone know how (if possible), when dealing with long lists of instruments scrolling in a narrow window, to stop GS3 from jumping the list back to the top after unloading instruments? It's a real pain to have to then scroll down to find your place again.

    Hope this helps,


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