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Topic: TV-Film Music

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    Exclamation TV-Film Music

    Hi friends,

    in Germany there is a website where you can listen to excerpts from the latest TV-film-music-tracks from one of our best TV-channels:


    If you have got a little bit of time, please visit and tell me what do you think about our german TV-filmmusic.

    Is there a good website in the US where I can listen to the last TV-film-music-tracks?


    "Music is the shorthand of emotion." Leo Tolstoy

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    Re: TV-Film Music

    I like title music form tv-serie called:
    Ein Fall für Zwei
    also good otherwise. Matula rules!

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    Re: TV-Film Music

    We don't get a lot of German TV here Gunther and I can't listen to this on the particular computer I'm on.

    But when German TV's good - it's very good.

    Das Boot and particularly Heimat (fantastic) - still think about it.

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    Re: TV-Film Music

    Ah, Heimat. That was very good. I remember there was a third installment quite recently. I'll check out the link.

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    Re: TV-Film Music

    In there (finland) there is many german viewed and also britain and of course americans. I thinking best tv-servies comes form britain. And thinkinh Germany its own class in good and bad. and i maybe also listen.

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    Re: TV-Film Music

    I really liked the music in Das Wunder von Berlin. It seems like a good series too. I'm visiting my sister in, yes, Berlin in march, I'll check for this (and Heimat) on dvd. Thanks for the tips.

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    Re: TV-Film Music

    Quote Originally Posted by waltew View Post
    I really liked the music in Das Wunder von Berlin. It seems like a good series too.
    Wow thank you!

    It was no series, though... a single television movie.


    Uli Reuter
    film composer, Germany

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    Re: TV-Film Music

    You're welcome. Great stuff.

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