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Topic: GPO Steinway Samples Are Distorting

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    GPO Steinway Samples Are Distorting

    Hi all, this is my first post and i'm very new to GPO so apologies if this is a simple one. As above my Steinway Piano sample's are distorting when i start playing quite hard, especially around the more bassier notes. I've tried increasing the DFD buffer but that doesn't seem to make a great deal of difference.

    I'm on OSX 10.4.11 using Pro Tools or Standalone mode.

    Any suggestions?


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    Re: Steinway Samples Are Distorting

    Check your volume/gain levels to make sure the distortion isn't caused by clipping. If they are too loud, then the sound waves have their peaks "clipped off" which results in distortion.

    Also, check your MIDI routing to be sure you are not "doubling" the MIDI input to the player. That can cause clipping also as it plays the same note on top of itself.

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    Re: Steinway Samples Are Distorting

    Hi, i don't have anything clipping. Levels are good in kontakt and pro tools, i have noticed a few other sporadic bits of distortion here and there. are there any optimal settings for kontakt, also realistically on a basic session would keeping the samples on my system drive be problematic?


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    Re: Steinway Samples Are Distorting

    Check the latency settings on your sound card. I don't use a Mac, but on the PC side those settings tend to vary on location/use/etc. depending on the sound card.

    Also, which Kontakt are you using? Player 1? Player 2? Full version Kontakt 2? Kontakt 3?

    I don't think keeping the samples on the system drive would be an issue. OSX is UNIX, which bases everything off of a root location. The filesystem is not based on drives, which are mounted as directories on the filesystem tree. Of course I don't use a Mac so there could be a caveat that I am not aware of.

    Maybe another Mac user could help you more than I can.

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    Re: Steinway Samples Are Distorting

    possibly a silly question, but its a mistake ive made...

    are you routing audio from your piano through your system as well as the midi data to GPO?

    just a thought...


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    Re: Steinway Samples Are Distorting

    Hi all, thanks for the replies but no luck as yet. Tech support have emailed me back and advised to increase buffers and watch my levels, hoever the standalone kontakt levels i always leave at the default -6dB and my Pro Tools buffers are always maxed out at 1024 samples.

    It doesn't appear to make a difference if i'm in standalone or Pro Tools it's always exactly the same.


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