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Topic: August Horns

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    August Horns

    Written with Finale 2008, rendered with Sonar 7 PE. Special thanks to DPDAN for his patience and wisdom, and VivMarsh for editing and musical knowledge, with out them this would not have reached maturity. Brass choir w/ tpts, flugal hrns (jabb) french horns, trombone and tuba. Take a walk through the Colorado Mountains in late august with snow capped peaks, deep blue sky, and aspen trees turned gold, and quiet cold streams.
    John Taylor


    This file is not as defined as the original mp3, takes a long time to load, and cracks at the end for some reason other than volumn clip/distortion. It also seems to have mid band pass filters applied to it that aren't there on the submitted mp3.
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    Re: August Horns

    An unusual but very interesting mixtures of styles with regards to your harmonies, melodies and instrumentation. As a former brass player, I think I would be "sucking wind" on a few of the phrases, especially that long trumpet solo towards the end. Rather than seeing a Colorado mountain scape, I thought it more a "(mild)walk on the wild side."
    Intriguing, fascinating and adventurous.


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    Re: August Horns

    I thought the sound was quite well done on this, overall,
    Taylor. It is a large file (14+ Meg), so of course, it does
    take a little time to come in. It's not unduly large, though,
    given nearly eight minutes at 256 k/bs. I also had no
    problem with it "cracking" at the end.

    I used the "Download" link, and it opened in Windows
    Media Player, if that's relevant.

    As Steve said, an interesting admixture of stylistic and
    harmonic styles in this, creating a pleasing pastorale!

    My best,


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    Re: August Horns

    It seems to be in the brass concert genre but has some interesting characteristics. Modern I would guess, taking you off the beaten path to a different view.

    The file was large but I still had it in under ten seconds. Pure fiber optics here.

    It was an interesting and enjoyable journey.


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    Re: August Horns

    Very pastorale and lyric. This is a nicely mixed ensemble. The reverb setting does give it a "live" recording feel and I like it for this piece. I concur with others on the absence of breathing in some of the trumpet lines. Mentally sing it or play it and shorten some of the end notes to phrases to give the player a chance to breath.

    You must have gotten busy yesterday evening to finish this up! We had chatted in the chatner on Sunday and you said you had something in the works. I am glad you got it finished and online for us to enjoy.

    I agree with etLux on this too. I had no problem with clipping or distortion at the end. The piece played well thorugh Windows Media Player.

    Nice Piece, Taylor. I really enjoyed listening to it!
    [Music is the Rhythm, Harmony and Breath of Life]
    "Music is music, and a note's a note" - Louis 'Satchmo' Armstrong


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    Re: August Horns

    Beautiful harmonies in this piece. I like the tranquil sound that you achieve in this. Thank you.
    Kind Regards

    Louis Dekker
    My Music Site

    Pour être grand, il faut avoir été petit.

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    Re: August Horns

    Thankyou all for your kind responses and thoughtful suggestions. The instrumentation of this is 2 tpts, 2 flgl hrns, 2 french hrns, 1 tbn, and 1 tba. All are gpo except flgl hrns (jabb). I had a number of challenges rendering this and finding eq settings that would sound the best. The eq of the tpts was the most difficult in getting gpo solo tpt 1 and gpo tpt 2 to sound different, I did the best I could, but, sadly it didn't work. The long non breathing tpt solo is the result of 2 tpts that trade the solo at phrase endings that are not different enough to be perceived as 2 individual tpts taking over the melodic line at different places. Thanks once again to DPDAN and VivMarsh for their help and patience with me.

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    Re: August Horns

    congratulations John on getting this posted,
    I know you worked really hard on it for a long time.

    I'm glad to help you with it.

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    Re: August Horns

    Yes, well done John for sticking with it ! All your efforts have been rewarded. I too was glad to have been a bit of use.
    All the best !

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    Re: August Horns

    I always stop when the horns blow. Listening to this, I must say that it must have been a hell of a job to make this sound as presented. Ok, with the help of DPDAN and others, but at first you made it!!! Nice to hear what the Horns are capable of. Thank you for posting this.

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