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Topic: Notes inexplicably reducing in volume

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    Notes inexplicably reducing in volume

    Hi everyone,
    was wondering if anyone could help with this problem ASAP as the project is due tomoz afternoon!

    Im using Logic Pro, on a Macbook pro and GPO and gofrillor... Im playing in parts using a oxygen 49, with modulation data sending to "expression" (cc11 i believe). FOr some reason, notes in solo violin patches (from GPO) and the Gofrillor suddenly reduce in colume, even when not programmed to.

    I play it in, using the modwheel "appropriately" and it sounds fine. WHen i play it back tho, i have this problem. There is no hidden programming as far as i can find, logic shows it if there is...

    Whats happening please?!?!?! is it cos im using cc11? i thought that in GPO that had the same effect as cc1? (i.e. volume/timbre control)

    Many thanks in advance!


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    Re: Notes inexplicably reducing in volume

    BUMP......cos i really need an answer to this! Please help!

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    Re: Notes inexplicably reducing in volume

    why don't you hit "a" in the arrange window and make sure you don't have any funky volume movement.
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    Re: Notes inexplicably reducing in volume

    Well, I don't know your computer or software, but why not make a safety backup, then map all the cc11's to cc1?

    You must have something like the pc event list. That could be revealing. Without knowing your system, I can not offer more.


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    Re: Notes inexplicably reducing in volume

    I use Logic Pro,Mac Pro, a GPO (hey that all rhymes), anyways, double click on the track material i.e. the music you played in and it will take to the piano roll window (apple+6 will get you there also) once there go up to functions and choose automation data and look at the modulation curve and see if it is moving down for some reason.

    I apologize if you have already tried this. If there isn't anything wrong there then I suggest checking EVERY parameter in the automation data screen. Sometime using the sustain pedal will make Logic act goofy also, check that too.
    Hope this helps!

    Captain Hook (if you see Pan let me know!)

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