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Topic: Very basic sample lib creator?

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    Very basic sample lib creator?

    Just wondering if there is a really simple tool that allows you to make a sample library in any format with .wav files that you have recorded. I've looked around and most look to complicated for me. All I need is to tell the program what samples for each note on the keyboard and maybe have a few samples based on velocity. I just want to be able to link wavs to a note and export it. I don't need any fancy stuff that is going to confuse me. Surely there is a really simple program out there? Cheers.

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    Re: Very basic sample lib creator?

    Viena for soundfonts might be what you're looking for.

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    Re: Very basic sample lib creator?

    What are you using for your sample player?

    Last time I did this I was messing around with piano waves and using the Gigastudio 2.5 editor. I put the note numbers in the .wav filenames (because they aren't octave ambiguous) and it took about a minute, mostly because of my fumbling, to generate a sampleset.

    I assume that the editors that come with other playback engines would be just as easy.


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    Re: Very basic sample lib creator?

    Reegs, I checked out Viena and it's not bad at all. Thanks for the link. It was fairly easy to make a sf2 as a test, although it's obviously is a free program due to the look and guess work one has to do . But still it's worth playing around with.

    ohernie, All my current samplers don't have an editor (GVI, VSL Instruments, Kompact). I do have GS3 orchestra, but I've found that GVI does what I need so I thought I didn't need to install it on my new computer. Maybe I will have to install it after all, if just for the editor...

    However the reason I'd like a simple tool is firstly it's easy to use and not confusing. Secondly if I can make it for a few different samplers, other people could use them in their favorite sampler if I decided to give them to people.

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    Re: Very basic sample lib creator?

    DirectWave and the Maizesoft sampler have a very straightforward interface. (I suspect that part of your difficulty is not the number of features, but instead the interfaces of the programs.) Directwave lets you just drag samples to where you want them and then stretch them across the keys, but the Maizesoft sampler is also straightforward.

    On the other hand, you may want to start learning a little more about the other samplers. Although their interface can be confusing to new users, and to me, they are complex only because they have features that people need to make the samples play back well. Eventually, you'll want these features, too.

    But check out the Maizesoft sampler and Directwave. Both are excellent and let you create a good set of samples quickly. The Maizesoft program has a free version. You may be able to find a beta version of Directwave, still. The one limitation to Directwave is that it doesn't support direct-from-disk streaming. All of the samples have to get loaded into RAM.

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    Re: Very basic sample lib creator?

    Thanks Jake, the interfaces of those two programs look very user friendly and simple to understand. Yeah it's defiantly the interfaces of programs that confuse me more than anything.

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    Re: Very basic sample lib creator?

    I used to have the Creative "Vienna" (apparently his "Viena" is modeled after it.) That was a real cool tool, and made for a great introduction to soft-sampling. Years later, I believe it made my adjustment to Giga a lot easier (very similar editor interface, workflow between sequencer and sampling apps, managing soundfonts, etc).


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