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Topic: Logic 7 and Intel Mac

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    Logic 7 and Intel Mac

    Hello everyone,
    I need to get some good but affordable orchestral sounds and need something tried and tested for my set-up. I have had some frustrating experiences with 3rd party programs so if anybody can advise me as to which package is most stable for the system below I‘d be most grateful.

    Mac Pro 2x2.0 GHz Xeon, 4GB Ram, OS 10.4.11, Logic 7.2.3, MOTU 2408 Mk 2 MOTU MTP AV

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    Re: Logic 7 and Intel Mac

    Garritan Personal Orchestra is just what the doctored ordered. I'm sure it's compatible. AU and VST plug-in.

    The modulation for swelling is a great feature for realism. This does change your ability to edit the volume of notes but you adapt to it.


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    Re: Logic 7 and Intel Mac

    Thanks, will check it out.

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    Re: Logic 7 and Intel Mac

    GPO (using Native-Instrument's Kontakt 2 Player) works well with my MacPro and Logic 7. It also works well with Logic 8.

    It can be said, though, that the Kontakt 2 Player and the full version Kontakt 2 program are memory and CPU hogs. It doesn't seem to be as true for the GPO library as with other libraries. This is in comparison to Logic's own software sampler, the EXS 24. But basically because there's significant script writing utilized for sound libraries using the Kontakt 2 Player (and the full Kontakt 2), there's increased memory usage. However, it is because of the rather extensive script programming capabilities found in the Kontakt 2 Player that libraries like GPO sound quite realistic.

    Good luck with your decision.

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    Re: Logic 7 and Intel Mac

    Just so I'm clear, you're saying I can get the GPO library with or without the Kontakt 2 player but that the expressive possibilities are greater using Kontakt?.
    When you say CPU and memory intensive do you think my Quad-core with 4GB is Ok?
    Without the player is it possible to access the GPO library from ESX or is this not necessary?

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    Re: Logic 7 and Intel Mac

    GPO comes with the Kontakt 2 player- and will only run from that.

    I'm running an older Dual 2.7 Mac with 2 GB RAM and have had no problems at all, so your set up should be fine.


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    Re: Logic 7 and Intel Mac

    GPO is packaged with the Kontakt 2 Player. (If you want the full version, which is now Kontakt 3, there will be the usual upgrade cost.)

    The Kontakt 2 Player is, basically, the "lighter version" of the the full Kontakt 2 program (and the new Kontakt 3 program). GPO will run quite successfully on the full version Kontakt 2 program.

    Note: I haven't upgraded to Kontakt 3 yet. Apparently, there still seems to be some issues that need ironing out.

    Music and humor are healthy for the soul.

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    Re: Logic 7 and Intel Mac

    Thanks for your help guys.

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