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Topic: Setting up K2 standalone

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    Setting up K2 standalone

    Hey, everyone.

    I'm new here and I admire the community and the effort you put into helping one another. It's definitely one of the friendliest places around and it's great being a part of it.

    I am currently in a situation I haven't been in before and I was wondering if anyone could provide some insight and help as I have spent the last six hours Googling around and couldn't find much useful info.

    I have upgraded my system to 64-bit with Windows XP x64 and I need to set up Kontakt 2 to work in standalone mode with Sonar 7 64-bit.

    I will be using MIDI Yoke to connect the DAW to K2 and my RME 9632's TotalMix to loopback the audio back to the sequencer.

    I was wondering if anyone here could tell me how to set up Kontakt 2 to work in standalone mode, what is it I have to do, what do I have to keep in mind, basically the standalone setup 101 with some basic explanations.

    I have found some info on K2 standalone operation in x64 here, but I'm still in the dark about how to really do it.

    If someone could also provide a link to a graphic presentation of the signal flow and all of the workings, I would be really grateful. I know there are a lot of people wondering the same thing I do, so it would be great to have Google pop up a page explaining the basics of setting up VSTi players to work with DAWs as standalones, especially with 64-bit enviroments being more and more accepted in the music community.

    I'm sorry for such a newbie request, but I always used the plug-in mode and am completely new to all this, so I more or less have no idea what to do.

    What I'm most concerned about are the MIDI and audio channel configuration and the dangers of unwanted MIDI feedback, even though I've read RME has feedback prevention programming.

    Thank you very much in advance.

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    Re: Setting up K2 standalone

    I am not sure MIDI-Yoke supports x64 OS's. You may have to buy LoopBe30 instead. I can't offer you much more help, as I haven't used XP 64 myself. But, I doubt using K2 in XP 64 will be much different from using K2 in XP x32.

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    Re: Setting up K2 standalone

    Hi, it is in the installation of Kontakt that you can specify Standalone and/or VST.

    Once installed as Standalone, K2 will start as a software of his own and not as a VST inside your sequencer.

    Even if not officially supported, MidiYoke NT works on X64.

    Hope it helps
    Nicolas Roy

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    Re: Setting up K2 standalone

    Hi, thanks for your help and interest.

    I chose MIDI Yoke because it works perfectly in a x64 OS and I installed the standalone version of K2 already as well.

    I know the standalone setup process isn't any different from the x32 one, but I still need to know even the basic setup operations as I've never really used standalones with any player before.

    I know asking for step-by-step instructions is too much, but I would really be grateful for a little more in-depth description of everything I need to do. I'm really not a techie here.

    Also, I chose WDM in Sonar as RME uses that with its latest drivers, will that create problems? Will I have to swicth to ASIO drivers for standalone to work?

    Thank you very much in advance.

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