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Topic: CUBASE 4 Problem - Help Requested

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    Exclamation CUBASE 4 Problem - Help Requested

    I have had a number of problems with Cubase 4, in particular since I installed the latest update. After a week of struggling with it (I won't bore you with the details), it appears I have everything working now EXCEPT FOR BEING ABLE TO USE IT AS A SEQUENCER! It appears to be inputting the notes okay, but as soon as I lift my fingers off the keyboard, THE NOTES ARE SUCKED OVER TO THE BEGINNING OF THE TRACK AND GIVEN A LENGTH OF A 16TH NOTE.

    I have experimented with instrument tracks, as well as MIDI tracks, and have used different instruments. It works the same regardless of the instrument or type of MIDI track used...GPO piano (through Kontakt 2), Stradivarius Solo Violin, and Cubase's synthesizers.

    I cannot find any settings to change this in Cubase--not to say that they don't exist, just that I can't find them. I was hoping that the fresh install would fix this.

    Can any of you Cubase gurus (like Gunther) help me out? Thanks in advance.


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    Re: CUBASE 4 Problem - Help Requested

    Are you using a separate keyboard plugged into a mid port?

    Do I understand that when you play the keyboard and record this, all the notes change to 1/16ths ?

    There have been a large number of complaints on the steinberg site about the update but mine seems to work ok.

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    Re: CUBASE 4 Problem - Help Requested

    It might be worth searching the Cubase support forums - this was a problem that an awful lot of users met with SX2 and 3. I don't know if anyone ever discovered a cause, or a solution, or whether it simply turned out to be a bug in Cubase.

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    Re: CUBASE 4 Problem - Help Requested

    I am using M-Audio's Axiom 61, which I've used for the past year, without issues. I had to replace my sound card last week (E-MU 1820 died, replaced with the PreSonus FIREBOX). I was able to record a single track when the sequencer suddenly went bonkers (i.e. the notes all being sucked over to the beginning of measure 1.)

    If I'd inadvertently changed a setting--and I don't know how I could possibly do that in the middle of recording a track--it should have been set to the Cubase default at the time of the clean re-install.

    The only thing of pertinence that I've found so far on the user boards were the instructions for a uninstall/clean reinstall, which I followed exactly. However, I was looking specifically for posts relating to Cubase 4, not 2 or 3.


    P.S. I've sent a formal support request (using their on-line support form) to Steinberg Canada. Hopefully they will get back to me.

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    Cool Re: CUBASE 4 Problem - Help Requested

    I had to re-install the previous version to many hanging notes. I'll wait for a new update

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    Re: CUBASE 4 Problem - Help Requested

    Are you sure that you have not selected the "Auto-Quantizice" funktion when recording?
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    Re: CUBASE 4 Problem - Help Requested

    Take a look at this thread in the Cubase.net forum:
    It might be the same problem that you have.

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    Re: CUBASE 4 Problem - Help Requested

    Hi, Everyone

    Thanks for your input. No, auto quantize was not on. (First thing I checked.)

    Out of sheer frustration and having no idea what else to even try, I disconnected my FIREBOX, downloaded the driver from the PreSonus website, reinstalled it...and then reconnected my FIREBOX. For whatever reason, Cubase started working correctly after that. Perhaps the sound card got its tail in a knot and started sending out weird signals? I have no idea, but I was very excited when my notes stayed put.

    I have printed and saved the information from your post, "Engson", as it does indeed sound like the problem I was having...except it was malfunctioning 100% of the time. I'll check my settings against the notes in that post, and see how they compare.

    Thank you, everyone!


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