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Topic: How do I insert a KS in a sequencer?

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    How do I insert a KS in a sequencer?

    Sorry if this is a dumb question....

    I have a cello score that I created in Sibelius 5.1 using GPO as the sound source, and exported to a midi file. A few notes in, it is supposed to have a trill, but the CC for that didn't import in (it is in the score). So I'd like to manually add it right before the trilled note.

    Can someone guide me on this? I'm using Logic 8 Studio (brand new to Logic), and if I bring up the event list and find the note that should be trill'ed, how do I insert the event? Also, what is the CC number for trilled? I saw the key switch mapping to a piano keyboard in the GPO manual but didn't pick up on the CC. Also, after issuing the trill CC, you have to switch back to "normal" (the C note on the key switch. Can someone tell me what that is too?

    Sorry if this is in the manual, I'm at work and it's things like this that drive me nuts Gotta know the answer

    thanks in advance


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    Re: How do I insert a KS in a sequencer?

    There must be some sort of pianoroll function in that sequencer (I don't have that one). And find the pencil tool. Just add a short note BEFORE the trilled note. The note to insert for a cello is:

    a. A0 gives you a playable trill, interval can be chossen with CC#16
    b. A#0 gives you a whole step muted trill
    c. B0 playable trill whole step.

    Right from the manual.

    You are supposed to work!!!! Not composing...... (just joking)

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    Re: How do I insert a KS in a sequencer?

    Thank you Raymond

    I'll get back to work now...

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