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Topic: The opposite world....

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    The opposite world....


    I just received a funny email from Chris Celinder (maker of the Celinder basses www.celinder.com)

    A Guy from Japan write this to Celinder:

    Dear The Celinder Company.
    I want to Celinder J Update 4 Bass.
    Please,tell me.
    Where can I buy the Celinder J Update 4 Bass in Japan?
    from Hidenao J*******.(edited by me)

    P.S. I think!The Scarbee J-fingered Bass Libraries for Tascam Giga Studio is very best of bass sample libraries!

    Now this is the opposite world: He listen to my bass libraries - and buy the real thing!!

    But frankly - it is a great compliment...



    Visit www.scarbee.com and check out the demoes from The Scarbee Bass Libraries

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    Re: The opposite world....

    Luckyly he is not aware of GOS or VotA.

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    Re: The opposite world....

    You are to be complimented.


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    Re: The opposite world....

    Thanks Mark!


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