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Topic: Ideal way to do stereo perc

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    Ideal way to do stereo perc

    Curious if anyone has any input on preferred techniques for stereo mic techniques - particularly with instruments that would typically be a mono performance.


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    Re: Ideal way to do stereo perc

    Hi J.

    I have done a lot of percussion recordings, so I can probably help you out, but it would be better if you are more specific. In other words, it would be a complete different approach to mic a solo cuica than a tympani set. It also depends a lot on the style of music and wether it is classically inclined or pop inclined type sound.

    Since you mentioned instruments that usually are recorded mono, let me put you an example of a solo conga recorded in stereo. My first approach would be to use a couple of dynamic cardiod microphones in XY pair, The stereo will not be to broad, but the focus will be kept on the center with a larger image that a regular mono signal. You can then reduce the stereo image or lean it toward one side at your convenience. The XY pair can be broadened by keeping the mics, crossed and slightly separating the capsules, there are several variations on this technique.

    Like I said there are plenty of techniques depending on the specific circumstance, if you have something in mind, let us know.

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