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Topic: Midi keyboard and pedals for Stad and Gofriller

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    Midi keyboard and pedals for Stad and Gofriller

    i have my eyes on both of these softwares.

    so in order for me to use them fully i need a new keyboard with expression and sustain pedals

    so i was thinking of these.

    the edirol pcr-800 keyboard
    (good value, has 5 octaves, aftertouch, and a port for sustain and expression)

    roland ev-5 expression pedal
    . right i know the yamaha fc-7 is better rated and recommended (thanks bosco), however if i was to get it i would need the adapter for polarity too for it to work on the keyboard. plus for some reason here in the uk the roland is cheaper than the FC-7.

    fatar vfp1/25. looks good with compatibility for all controllers.

    my questions are:

    1: will the ev-5 pedal work fine with the edirol? (eg, have full 0-127 range) because its a roland/edirol brand

    2: and do you agree about the actual edirol purchase and the fatar pedal also.

    3: about the stad and gofriller. i understand it requires a lot of mapping to the controllers. i will be using them on a pc with cubase. im just wondering does the manual instruct me well enough to be able to map everything. eg. i here mentions of need for inserts to switch mappings like cc#1 (this makes no sense to em but im just hoping you can help me understand it a bit before i buy)

    also guys bear in mind when talking and comparing my projected purchases that im in the uk so some things may be near impossible to find here

    really hope i can get your advice, is a big buy (these and the software itself) but if everything sounds as it does on most of the cello demos and some of the strad demos it will be worth it

    thanks a lot


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    Re: Midi keyboard and pedals for Stad and Gofriller

    Quote Originally Posted by idrisguitar View Post
    i have my eyes on both of these softwares.
    Hello Idris,

    I thought I would mention that both the Strad and Gofriller are now discontinued and are unavailable .. unless you can find copies from a retailer that still has some left.

    So if you are thinking of buying a keyboard specifically for the Strad and Gofriller, I would suggest you first make sure that you can get hold of these.

    The Strad and Gofriller are being repackaged and will become available as part of another package but we don't know how long this will be or in what form. You can see the announcement about this here.

    Patience is a virtue, sensitivity is a gift

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    Re: Midi keyboard and pedals for Stad and Gofriller

    oh no i can still buy them froma retailer in the uk (time and space still have some and i saw another site who had them too. i want to buy quick but had to ask some questions first before investing all this).

    and i knew this however after much deliberation and researching gary's posts. it look like it could be a while before the new versions come out (in what looks to be the new symphonics strings package)

    i was really hoping to use this for better recording over the summer and iwht enough practice live.

    thanks for your post though

    any advice on my equipment? and the mapping questions.

    thanks in advance


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