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Topic: What are your "most used" Sample Collections?

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    What are your "most used" Sample Collections?

    What are your "most used" Sample Collections? (your go to collections)
    and why?

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    Re: What are your "most used" Sample Collections?

    EWQLSO Platinum and VSL Vienna SE followed by HALion Symphonic Edition and Mach 5. Also use Pianoteq every day.

    Addictive Drums and Fab Four are close runner-ups and I still load up MOTU Symphonic Instrument now and then. Atmosphere also gets used.

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    Re: What are your "most used" Sample Collections?

    VSL SE and Extended- alot for woodwinds, but so good due to the legato on almost anything. And of course, the fantastic interface.

    I don't know if it qualifies- but Realguitar is so amazing (and Realstrat) because of its extensive helpful interface.

    Scarbee Imperial Drums XL- just the greatest drums for me.

    LPC Clean guitar- WOW!

    I still love to use Kirk Hunter's strings alot- they are so intuitive and easy to bang out an idea with.

    Black Bass- incredibly easy interface, great sounds.

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    Re: What are your "most used" Sample Collections?

    Kirk Hunters Diamond, Sonivox and then EW. After that Miroslav still has a nice sound to it. Best, Joseph

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    Re: What are your "most used" Sample Collections?

    The Sonivox Complete Collection (Strings, Brass and Winds) and ProjectSAM True Strike for percussion are my default go-to sample libraries for most works. I have quite a few others (KH Emerald, GPO, SAM Brass) but I find that combination the best for most things and is very easy to mix as well.

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    Re: What are your "most used" Sample Collections?

    Gold Pro XP as far as sample libs. Just upgraded Cubase and am pleasantly suprsied with the Halion 1 content. Not the best but lots of decent bread and butter sounds that are low on the CPU.

    Other VST faves are Atmosphere, EZ Drummer + all the expansions, Stylus RMX Expanded, Kontakt 3 basic lib.

    "Every time you play a wrong note God kills a kitten."

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    Re: What are your "most used" Sample Collections?

    They're not all Sample Libraries but....

    Piano: Pianoteq 1 and 2
    Strings: Vienna Chamber Strings
    Brass: WIVI and SAM solo brass
    Percussion: GPO (will buy 'True Strike' soon)
    woodwind: WIVI + GPO
    drums: EZdrummer

    (I have had Synful Orchestra is very useful for 'sound thickening' but I've always had a bunch of crash problems with it.)


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    Re: What are your "most used" Sample Collections?

    Depends on what I'm working on but pretty much every song starts with

    Stylus RMX - Why? I use it for clicks if nothing else. But most songs also get a loop and I just like it.

    The rest - in order of % chance of ending up in a song:

    White Grand (usually Jr because of RAM)
    Westgate Studios FREE Percussion collection (one of the best and by golly it's free - use it almost every song)
    London Orchestral Percussion (Quick, easy, and many of the samples are still more practical than some of my more expensive libraries)
    GPO - I still find it quicker to use than many libraries
    Storm Drum - Really if you need big drums.... STORM
    Symphony of Voices (still use it all the time)
    Custom libraries I've created (wha ha ha)

    Frequent use but not as often:
    Scarbee bass (believe it or not I still use it a good bit)
    Kontakt's standard included library (Specifically the Nylon gtr)
    G-town stuff
    Various Sampletek stuff
    Heart of Africa (Still has some COOL stuff)

    (And free bonus cause I'm bored)
    Biggest waste of money libraries

    (I'm not going to explain why - I'm just really sad I spent the money)
    Peter Szidlechek Advanced orchestra(Sp?)
    VSL Nylon
    Kirk Hunter's orchestra
    Literally EVERY brazilian percussion library I've ever bought including:
    Bom Dia Brazil
    Latin Groove Factory
    a couple more I can't remember
    Percussive Adventures
    A few more older libraries

    I won't be specific but I promise I have never used a single sample out of any of the above libraries. I know a lot of people find them useful - I have not.

    My 2¢

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    Re: What are your "most used" Sample Collections?

    Vienna Instruments Symphonic Cube.

    Greater depth of articulations, higher quality sound and more flexibility of purpose than any other orchestral sample library.


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    Re: What are your "most used" Sample Collections?

    I find the Distorted Reality 2 cd still useful.

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