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Topic: Version number?

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    Version number?

    Hey guys,

    I just noticed that in the "info" tab in Kontact player 2, it says "Library: 1.0" I thought I was using version 2.2.3 of the library. Did I miss something? Is there a discrepency between Kontact and GPO re: version names, or am I using a majorly outdated library?


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    Re: Version number?

    Well the 2.2.3 refers to the version of the Kontakt Player which cuts across all libraries, so eg you could get some new features/knobs/mixer tools on the Player to make it 2.4, but the libraries, Gofriller, GPO, Strad may have had no changes at all. I suspect then the library versioning just hasn't been implemented for the GPO library, because it must be at version 2 at least due to the big update a year or so ago.

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