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Topic: Progrock/mixing advice?

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    Progrock/mixing advice?


    i know most of you are into classical music.
    Ive made a Progrock piece.
    Since its my first piece in this style (well kinda my first piece ever ), i really like some comments , especially on the mixing.
    No clue what i am doing there

    so even if its not your kind of music , maybe someone can give me some pointers where to look for in my mixing improvements.

    here is the song:

    All is done on keyboard an EWI (electronic wind instrument)
    ive used a lot of softsynth.

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    Re: Progrock/mixing advice?

    Nice work.

    Personally, I found the highs overdone. I listened on Sennheiser HD280 Pro headphones which are fairly flat and a bit dull. Even so, the highs were hot enough that I found it fatiguing - and I like prog!

    What monitors did you mix on? If you play some similar CDs on your monitors, how do the highs compare?

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    Re: Progrock/mixing advice?

    thanks for listening.

    ive got a nowhere near pro setup.
    ive got Samson Resolv 40a speakers and a AKG 240 headphones.

    cds sound better on my system, thats the reason i am asking for some feedback.
    i will look into the highs right away.

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