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Topic: Help!! I spilled Coffee on my Keyboard!!!

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    Help!! I spilled Coffee on my Keyboard!!!

    Hey everyone.

    Well, as the subject suggests, I was a complete idiot and managed to spill an entire cup of coffee on my Kurzweil K2600X keyboard this morning. I was trying to hang a shelf, when I lost control of it, bumped my computer monitor, which bumped my steaming hot cup of coffee, spilling it all over the keys. I managed to catch and save the monitor, but the keyboard took the full brunt of the attack.

    Now, about half of the keys are not working. Has this or something similar ever happened to anyone else? Am I doomed?!! I'm hoping that, if I let it dry, I'll be able to turn it on and it will work fine. However, I am a realists and realize that that is probably a very long shot.

    I'm not panicked, I have a backup keyboard, but darn it, that IS a beautiful piece of equipment and I'd hate to have to scrap it or have an 80 pound paper weight.

    Does anyone know how I can clean it or fix it if it doesn't work once it's dried?

    Oh well, it's starting off to be a great day. At least I don't have to teach today! :-)

    Thanks for the help and the ear.

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    Re: Help!! I spilled Coffee on my Keyboard!!!

    Is that random half, bottom half, top half?

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