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Topic: Suggestions on installation: 2 Hard drives

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    Question Suggestions on installation: 2 Hard drives

    Hello all, I wonder if anyone might be willing to offer any pearls of wisdom on the best way to install Gigastudio 3? My current PC has two hard drives, both of which are SATA but one seems to be faster than the other. The older/slower one is 80gb (130mb/s in HD tach) and the other is 250gb (+200mb/s in HD tach benchmark). Also just to confuse things a little more, I cannot at this time run the PC as a standalone audio station, as it's also used to browse the web and play the odd game. So less than ideal.

    Bearing this in mind can anyone suggest if I should perhaps have XP on the slower drive, then GS and the samples on the larger faster drive? Or put an OS on both hard drives and have a dual boot setup so the OS for Gigastudio is nice and clean? From my limited knowledge it's best to have the OS running on one HD and Gigastudio and all the gigs on another HD? Any suggestions will be most welcome.

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    Re: Suggestions on installation: 2 Hard drives

    Yeah, OS on the slow drive, samples on the fast one.

    I run some other stuff (but not unlimited stuff) on my Giga machine with no problems. You might try installing it that way first. If it doesn't fly, then go for dual boot.

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    Cool, thanks a lot Jon.

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    Re: Suggestions on installation: 2 Hard drives

    One more question if anyone can help, should Gigastudio itself be installed on the OS drive (slow one) or on the seperate drive with the samples on (faster HD)?

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    Re: Suggestions on installation: 2 Hard drives

    if you are using it on the same machine, you really want GVI and not Gigastudio 3 in my opinion
    Christopher Kennedy Alpiar
    Cinematic Composer

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    Re: Suggestions on installation: 2 Hard drives

    Hate to be the bearer of bad news to you, but Gigastudio 3 should not be put on an internet computer.

    Don't be mad at Tascam if GS3 has troubles.

    Audio DAW's need proper, clean, HDD's w/o cookies, etc. and video games.

    Maybe you will get lucky, but I hope you get something more pro orientated so you can enjoy yourself by making music, instead of beating on your CRT like the Geico Caveman.

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    Re: Suggestions on installation: 2 Hard drives

    Thanks for the feedback guys I will be stuck with Gigastudio for now so will look into building a dedicated rig or perhaps at the least a new HD with a clean OS on in it. Until then I will just have 'to beat the CRT' vigorously

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    Re: Suggestions on installation: 2 Hard drives

    If you're up to the challenge, I think that a dual-boot setup is a great way to use GS3 on a machine that needs to have internet access, firewall, anti-virus software, etc., for general use.

    I've posted, here and elsewhere, about it. At the very least, it may be worth a few seconds with the forum's Search feature...
    — alanb




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    Re: Suggestions on installation: 2 Hard drives

    If a hard drive and dual boot setup is all I need I will be a happy person, managed to get GS3 for peanuts (well compared to the original RRP) so a new HD should not break the bank (even though it is a bit fragile right now!!). I will do a search for the dual boot topics, should have known that was the best way to go with my current limitations. Thanks for the tips guys.

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    Hi guys just an update, I received Gigastudio in the mail a few days ago, it's patched up to 3.21, installed without a hitch and for the time being playing very nicely with my existing OS (ok I do use Ccleaner perhaps a little over zealously). I am really impressed with Gigapulse too, just scratched the surface but it looks fantastic.

    All I need now is to expand the sample library, mainly need some good drums and orchestral sets (looking at Larry Seyer and perhaps Miroslav atm). One happy bunny, thanks again all for your time.

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