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Topic: The Steinway page is up!!!

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    The Steinway page is up!!!

    Check it out from the products-section on the main page of garritan.com. Yee!

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    Re: The Steinway page is up!!!

    ...or is this old news...?

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    Re: The Steinway page is up!!!

    We're getting there....

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    Re: The Steinway page is up!!!

    Wow, a beautiful looking page. No ordering set up yet though.

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    Re: The Steinway page is up!!!

    One question about the editions: when I buy the Professional edition, is it possible do perform a Standard edition installation, in other words, install only part of the features to save disk space before getting some more or does the installer automatically install everything? I just saw the 45 gb for pro edition and I was thinking to buy pro edition, but I don't have the disk space at the very beginning (but I will).

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    Re: The Steinway page is up!!!

    Wow, that's GORGEOUS! What a beautiful page. It just shouts "Quality".

    One thing I've been wanting to know all along: Is the only difference between the three versions the number of perspectives? Or are there other differences?


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    Re: The Steinway page is up!!!

    a lovely page...

    a beautiful page....

    a famous Piano : Steinway D

    for a famous library !

    Happy to see thoses features :

    Sustain resonance and sympathetic resonance using convolution-based DSP modules

    Thanks !!

    (more real that only pedal down samples for each keys...)

    Can't wait to play it !

    i'm nervous !

    i'm anxious !

    i'm mad / crazy : each day i think avout this Steinway...

    I'm a Steinway's lover .....

    My dream become reality.....

    already a must have


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