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Topic: East/West Quantum Leap pianos(?)

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    East/West Quantum Leap pianos(?)

    I've been following the release of this product and on paper it looks pretty hot. Looks like some direct competition for Ivories. I see they just posted some demos here: http://www.~~~~~~~~~~~~.com/EastWest...pr-EW-171.html

    The demos sound great, if the product actually sound like them, this could be really nice. I have Ivories which I like very much, but these demos make it seem like this just might beat it. But the disk size, 60G for each piano and 260G for the whole thing! Wow, I'd need to buy a new hard drive just for this!

    There's also some YouTube videos out on it, but they didn't impress me that much.

    It's not cheap, so it would be nice to get some opinions before plunking down all that loot (and a new HD). It's supposed to be out pretty soon, but at the time of this writing it's still not out.

    Anyone else checking it out? I'm surprised that there's not already a thread on it here.

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    Re: East/West Quantum Leap pianos(?)

    Oh my goodness, the Steinway is out???!!! So many choices.... What's lowly amateur pianist to do???

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    Re: East/West Quantum Leap pianos(?)

    Ok, the Garritan is out. No demo sounds, no screen shots, no mention of velocity layers. I guess we should put down the 400 bucks on faith?

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    Re: East/West Quantum Leap pianos(?)

    I really liked what I heard too, but I've never really like Ivory. If I don't get to hear Garritan library I will be buying the EWQL pianos because I can't just blindly buy something for $400 especially since it can't be returned.

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