Here is my problem.

I use Vista and when I open Sibelius, the first thing Sibelius does is load some instriuments. Now it says samples missing and can't find GPO. If I let it ignore this fact, it opens and when It tries again to load up GPO instruments, it says library not found. Sibelius essentials is there as is JABB and all of these instruments get loaded correctly.

I also use sonar home studio and when I try to add a soft synth, the gpo is greyed out and clicking on the down arrow for instruments does nothing. Again JABB works fine.

This happened the other day and I spent the day on and off the phone with the idiots at Native Instruments, who swore it was happeniong because I didn't load it right. Well everything worked fine in Sib for 6 months and for 2 months in Sonar it worked.

I deleted GPO a few times and reinstalled and the same problem kept occurring. The last time it took.

Everything once again was working. I played around with the program then shut off my computer and went to bed. Today I boot again and have the same problem. I can not reload GPO everytime I turn off my computer.

The other thing that NI said was that I moved the instruments, which of course I didn't. Nor did I move them when the computer was off.

Any Ideas????

Thanks Ron