We’re excited to announce the release of a new area for the northernsounds.com community. NorthernSounds.NET
and a Listening forum
In our ongoing pursuit to enhance the user experience we have developed a free new “listening area” where users will have the ability to upload their compositions, music, videos and information about themselves to share with other users and the world!

This new listening area is a powerful tool that can be used to promote yourself, share knowledge in an audio visual format and get constructive feedback from other users. Charts based on genre, producers and compositions allow you know where you stand as far as user plays/download popularity. Other features include a radio station player which continuously streams the site’s top compositions and a TV channel that cycles through videos users have submitted. This is an area for you to showcase yourself or just kick back, relax and enjoy other users’ compositions. New Songs will be auto posted to the NorthernSounds.com Listening Area forum.

Your user profile is totally customizable; you can change the look of your page to suit your personal taste. Upload pictures and videos to your gallery, upload your musical compositions and credit them in detail, add information about yourself, your projects and upcoming events.

This area is an evolution of the Power User Profile; in addition to personal profile information the area offers a data base driven engine that showcases all users in a purposeful and positive way. You are able to search by style, genre, name of composer or title of composition. The home page features top compositions, new composers and featured works.

In keeping with the NS spirit of “by the community, for the community” we are offering this service completely free of charge in the hopes that all users will share and help each other in the pursuit of excellence. This area is not replacing any of the existing features that make Northernsounds a great place to be; all that you love about NS is still there. This new area is meant to expand your options and enhance your experience.

Register a composer account here.