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Topic: Piano demos

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    Talking Piano demos

    Well just heard a competitors new piano demos not sold on theirs . I think Garys Piano will surpass (hopefully) need a sweet Steinway to finish my projects. MY fingers on the purchase button Need Demos

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    Re: Piano demos

    I agree, demos is the way to go for me to make a purchase.

    "A painter who has no doubts about his own ability will attain very little" - Leonardo da Vinci.

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    Re: Piano demos

    me neither cant wait,

    although im loving truepianos (got a cross discount with jamstix) its great for non ram instensive instrument)

    i want it to see what the aria player is like too, and god i hope garry releases new version of stad and gofriller shortly after as im desperate for them.

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    Re: Piano demos

    Please post demos!!! I'm going to have to pull the trigger on the competition if I don't get to hear demos. I just heard their demos and I like what I heard, but I would probably rather support this library if I only I could hear what it sounded like before dropping the cash.

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    Re: Piano demos

    I read “demos are coming soon” on the Steinway-page. I would really like to hear this library and probably buy it (especially if a Linux-version with "Aria" would be available at some point).

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