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Topic: Jabb and gpo on new computer

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    Jabb and gpo on new computer

    I recently upgraded from a 1.5 ghz to a 2.5ghz cpu (amd 3500) motherboard and upgraded to a larger 250g harddrive.
    In the process I lost gpo and jabb (the old harddrive is toast) and would like to get them back!
    I've loaded both (legal and registered) programs but can't get Native inst. to recognize my login info in order to re'register.
    Do I have to call N/I in Berlin or is there someone stateside who can resolve this problem?

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    Re: Jabb and gpo on new computer

    You should be able to handle this through your NI Service Center.

    If not you can call the NI office in Los Angeles.

    Here is their number: 323-467-2693

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    Smile Re: Jabb and gpo on new computer

    Thanks for your time and advice, I'll call the # today!

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