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Topic: Need help regarding reverb options

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    Need help regarding reverb options

    I need some advice regarding options for reverb. I recently purchased a new computer and I have Vienna Instruments Solo Strings running on it in standalone mode. I have this computer networked with my other computer (via MIDI Over Lan). This second computer runs my sequencing program.

    Besides an external reverb unit which I now use (via a SPDIF output), what are my reverb options? I don't know how these reverb applications work. Would the reverb program go onto the sequencing computer or the computer with the samples (VISS)?

    Each computer has an Echo card in it (Mia, Gina). So what are my reverb options for using these samples in standalone mode?

    Any suggestions?



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    Re: Need help regarding reverb options

    I'll tag a bit more to your question; I have started using four reverbs to simulate four zones on a stage. Can someone post suggested settings (ER levels, decay times, predelay, etc.) using a standard reverb plugin?

    I know that generally, the two zones closest to the front (where the strings sit) have longer predelay settings than the rear zones. As far as decay times go, I generally start with 2.6 seconds for front stage right, 2.3 seconds for front stage left, 2.9 seconds for back stage left and 3.1 seconds for back stage right.

    I guess my main question is would the rear have more or less early reflections than the front?


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