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Topic: looking for a synth to last me until omnisphere

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    looking for a synth to last me until omnisphere

    i know many people will say atmosphere, but i have used atmosphere extensively at my friends studio and to be honest while it is good, it doesn't really have the interaction and on the fly editing that could be used for live performances as well recording.

    i have been looking at the vir2 syntax synth http://www.vir2.com/vir2/products/syntax/index.html

    it looks amazing, but i haven;t heard much talk of it on many forums and not any reviews that i can find

    that seems to have very interactive controls that i could use with my expression pedal and sustain pedal in live situation.

    any advice on any synth you think is just simply the best out. and also thoughts on this new vir2 synth would be helpful.

    back to omnisphere, it sounds amazing and i cant wait, but i have to ask. this psychoiacoustic feature, it does mean you can record your own sounds and manipulate them right, before putting them through the steam synth engine? if so im definetly sold, i will probably only create my own sounds when i get it.

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    Re: looking for a synth to last me until omnisphere

    What kind of computer do you have?

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    Re: looking for a synth to last me until omnisphere

    just bought a monster computer for my graphics course

    quad core (3.4 ghz per core)
    4gig ram
    2x 500gb hdds

    cost me an arm and a leg but i think im sorted for both 3d packages and vsts for a long while

    and hi eric . i just found out that you wont be including importing your own sample into omnisphere. and while thats dissapointing im still probably going to preorder as soon as it becomes available.

    any plans to add that feature in, for future updates of it (i know that jumping the gun since it only out in september, but it would really cap it off as the best synth ever)

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    Re: looking for a synth to last me until omnisphere

    Atmosphere is a great choice for that rig and will work great on it. The other benefit is that you will get a very generous upgrade price to Omnisphere if you buy it in 2008. (upgrade pricing details will be announced in September, but you'll end up with two nice synths in the deal)

    BTW, the answer to your question is not really "no"...it's more like "not initially".

    Check out the detailed answers to all those questions here in the FAQ section:


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    Re: looking for a synth to last me until omnisphere

    thanks a lot for the replies i will definetly consider it,

    i think i need to mess around with the presets more i guess.

    ill definetly get it now you have said theres an upgrade price (and its generous)

    why go with something else

    any avdice on really how to create sounds that i want instead of different versions of preset patches, (which is the extent of my attempts so far) would be brilliant as i loved the atmosphere sound bank but didn't feel when i tweaked that i did anything massive.
    im sure im missing something.

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    Re: looking for a synth to last me until omnisphere

    Sure...Atmosphere has more programmability than many famous analog synths (independent filters, envelopes per layer, etc)...there's a lot you can do with to create your own sounds.

    Of course Omnisphere is in another league in terms of synthesis power, but the possibilities of even Atmosphere are often highly overlooked.

    ...have fun! :-)

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    Re: looking for a synth to last me until omnisphere

    Hi...Go check this out.. http://www.u-he.com/zebra/ ..It is a monster...JON

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