A 440 Melody (Stefan's Melody) [by Henryk Iwan]
<p>This one has a funny background story. Back at the Academy of Music, we had an old and hilarious double-bass&nbsp;professor (d-b was the instrument I studied), and amongst all the funny habbits of his, he used to give the &#39;A 440&#39; note for tuning up not by playing just that note, but instead he played that melody which he thinked "makes the &#39;A&#39; go into your head more easily". It was A4-F4-D4-F4-A4-D5-C5-A4, played without any particular rythm or anything. We all found&nbsp;this hilarious (just like almost all of his ideas, especially that he always repeated every "theory" of his every time, during each class, just like it happend to be the first time. So, after graduating, I decided to "take my revenge" (:-P) and make an actual piece/arrangement out of this stupid melody.</p><p>Well, here it is, in the state it is at the moment (unfinished) - enjoy!;-]</p>
Genre: Instrumental
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