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Topic: Symphonic Choir Help!!!

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    Symphonic Choir Help!!!

    I've been trying to load symphonic choir to play my midi file, but apparently when it starts to play. The pitch is not the one that i've originally written. The soprano voice is a 3rd higher than my original pitch, but the alto is fine. Why??????

    And when i tried to load the whole SATB choir to play a single melody line, why do they automatically have their own harmony? I only want all the parts to play the same note!

    How do i fix it? Or have i misunderstood the function of Symphonic Choir?

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    Re: Symphonic Choir Help!!!

    The ranges are weird, at best, with the SC.

    Make sure that you have chosed in Word Builder the right voice (soprano that is).
    Then if the range does not work, transpose the whole phrase an octave high or low and see if it works.

    It's been a while since I used the SC, but I do remember that I had trouble with that and had to transpose for them to sound... right...

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    Re: Symphonic Choir Help!!!

    Depends on why you use it, how you use it, and what you expect from it:

    You won't get Bach out of it, no matter what!

    But for cinematic works, it's brilliant. For fake languages, etc, it's very much fun and easy to use! for other stuff it's very well made. But if you want a single phrase like "Eat at Jerry's" for example, it might take you 30 minutes, each voice, to sound right. Never mind a whole piece!

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    Re: Symphonic Choir Help!!!

    It sounds like a wordbuilder issue - check to make sure it is set to the proper voice (i.e., sopranos WB patch assigned to soprano Midi track run by Wordbuilder with the soprano configuration format). A dead giveaway (though not the only indicator of a problem) is if they aren't singing the right words, so solo them and listen. There is an off chance that you've written the part out of their range, but it's not likely. Just check the assignments, and see if that's where your problem is.

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    Re: Symphonic Choir Help!!!

    The thing is...i haven't even load the word builder along with it!
    I've only load the symphonic choir itself in sonar and trying to get it play my midi track.

    I've noticed that even when i play on the keyboard in the symphonic choir interface, the soprano doesn't sound right but a 3rd higher than what i'm playing. For example i play a C on the soprano interface and it'd come out sounding as an E!!!
    Any one experience that problem?

    only the alto sound exactly what i want it to be.

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    Re: Symphonic Choir Help!!!

    Are you loading the multis or a single voice?

    The multis are NOT in the correct octave or range or anything, because they are designed to work WITH word builder.

    I'm asking just in case. Just go to the instruments, not multis, and load only the AAAs or OOhs, or maybe some other single letter and see what happens. Try the church choirs as well if possible.

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    Re: Symphonic Choir Help!!!

    Thanks a lot nikolas!! Yea it works fine with the soloist..

    I've got another problem now, apparently when i'm copying the disk 9 part25.nks file into my harddisk, there's this error message saying the file cannot copy due to a I/O device error???
    Anyone experienced that?

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    Re: Symphonic Choir Help!!!


    hold on this is weird.

    If you haven't copied ALL DVDs, how on earth is it working in the first place??? I must assume that half the voices work or something... ???!?

    Anyways, it just appears that you have a faulty DVD, from the factory. Contact EW support in their website (which is censored in this forum, so I can't provide a link) and have them send a new DVD.

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    Re: Symphonic Choir Help!!!

    Go to the ~~~~~~~~~~~~ Forum which is home to SC. Always lots of help over there. Best, Earl

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