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Topic: Join Our Development Team - Positions Available

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    Thumbs up Join Our Development Team - Positions Available

    Francis and Dawn Belardino founded Bela D Media in 2003 with the straightforward goal of offering imaginative products at affordable prices. Since that time, Bela D Media has grown into a family of talented producers and programmers. Bela D Media continues to expand and has captured the ear of a worldwide audience. The company is also carried by the best retail outlets and vendors from USA to Japan.

    Company Producer - 2 positions available

    Access to multi instruments and/or players in order to generate product

    Above basic programming knowledge of Native Instruments Kontakt 2 and 3

    A strong understanding of audio editing techniques indigenous to sampling

    Organizational and writing skills to complete a user manual

    Available for scheduled phone or IM conferences

    Timely submission of project proposals to the company CEO

    Upload Your Resume

    Please include…

    Your full name

    Physical mailing address

    A valid email address

    Most often used screen name on NS/VI and KVR if practicable.

    Terms, Agreements and a Contract

    Once a possible candidate has been chosen, you will be contacted by Bela D Media. This contact via email will include…

    Producers contract (For propose of review)

    Company policy and agreement terns (For propose of review)

    An invitation to an online meeting with the staff

    Bela D Media.com


    Francis Belardino
    Main Producer

    Eduardo Tarilonte
    Main Producer

    Brian Schum
    Associate Producer

    Alan Lastufka
    Associate Producer
    Artistic Design

    Günter Hirscher
    Kontakt 2 Scripting

    Dawn Belardino
    Company Administrator

    Clarissa Ulmer
    Administrative Assistant

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    Re: Join Our Development Team - Positions Available

    Hi Frank,

    I would love to work with you, but sadly do not have the relevant experience in some areas ( most of them actually)...

    If you ever fancy doing a full on didgeridoo library I would love to help.

    I hope you fill these vacancies very soon.

    Best wishes


    And now also at Flickr!



    View Simon Fielder's Profile at NorthernSounds.net

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    Re: Join Our Development Team - Positions Available

    Likewise, I would love to jump in on this one, but I consider myself an amateur in most of these areas.

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    Re: Join Our Development Team - Positions Available

    I sent my resume over to you! I forgot to put my username in there. The Resume is from "Brent Randall". But my username, both here and on KVR, is "koolkeys". I'm assuming that if you like what you see, we'll talk again about the details?

    Let me know if you didn't get the upload. Cheers!


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    Re: Join Our Development Team - Positions Available

    Frank, you don't happen to have an "Underdevelopment Team" do ya?

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    Re: Join Our Development Team - Positions Available

    Is the position still available?

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    Re: Join Our Development Team - Positions Available

    Frank -

    Bells went off and lights lit for me with your listing. Just thinking about the amount of background you can get about candidates by cruising the forums they've participated on . . .

    O.T., but I just had to say that, and give you some kudos for doing it.


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    Re: Join Our Development Team - Positions Available

    Bela D Media | www.BelaDMedia.com

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