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Topic: Sibelius5.1 and GPO

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    Sibelius5.1 and GPO

    I am having no luck with the new version of Sibelius 5 with GPO embedded. It just doesn't work for me.
    I was very happy with My Sib 4 and GPO as a separate program. Does anyone have any tips?
    PS I have adjusted buffer size,done the updates and configures GPO in Devices.

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    Re: Sibelius5.1 and GPO

    The reason I wanted to use the GPO with in Sibelius5 is that it picks up things like pizz in the playback whereas in Sib4 it did not.

    In Sib.5 I am not able to get any of the Garritan sounds when I specify them in Devices? If you have any ideas I would appreciate them because Sibelius tech support is not helpful.

    Are you saying that I could use Sib5 and access the full GPO.
    Now that I have installed Sib5 I can no longer access GPO. A message comes up saying " This patch was generated by a newer version of Kontakt. Please upgrade your copy to load this patch". As far as I can tell I have upgraded everything.

    Quote Originally Posted by jjloving View Post
    Could you give a little more information as to what problems you're having? Does GPO not load, not play? Maybe I've misunderstood, but why use the Garritan sounds that come with Sibelius if you have the full version of GPO?


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    Re: Sibelius5.1 and GPO

    When you update GPO to KP2, the old KP1 no longer functions. Sib5 uses KP2, so it will work. Just go to Play > Playback Devices, activate KontaktPlayer2, select the GPO soundset and you're good to go.

    If you're still confused try some searches here and on the Sib Chat Page. This has been addressed a multitude of times already.

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