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Topic: In Retrospect

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    In Retrospect

    So, I was bored today and decided to open up Windows Media Player and go through the folder that has been collecting digital dust for over 6 years. This folder contains basically every song I've composed since I got my very first, and very basic, MIDI composition software. Ah...great memories. What I like to do is go to files with interesting names, but can't for the life of me remember what the song sounds like. (for some reason, when I first started writing, I could think of titles for songs very easily) Then about half way through a bunch of crap, as I shall simply put it, I remember the context of the song, and how proud I was to complete it. It seems every couple months I finish a song that I feel is my best composition yet, and after 6 years of that, it is amazing to see how much I have changed as a writer. It truly is an intriguing experience that I highly recommend trying with your own music! Not only did I listen to myself change as a composer, but I remembered all the things I was thinking at the time.

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    Re: In Retrospect

    That is a cool feeling, and I've done something something similar, revisiting things I wrote many years ago with older software. The problem I have is just opposite yours: for some reason I numbered everything, and now I can't recall which number corresponds to which piece!

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    Re: In Retrospect

    Well, I look back now and then, and am usually surprised at what I find. I nearly always forget what the piece is as the title is no help. Sometimes I am amazed that I wrote something so good, and sometimes quite the opposite. Sometimes I find I can not rest until I correct some of the stupid mistakes that I find. And sometimes, a piece will find itself in the trash. But mostly, it serves the purpose of reminding me what I have written.


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