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Topic: trying to reason

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    trying to reason

    Let me try to give a voice of reason in regards to the performing of the cresendi rolls in LOP.

    First, let me explain how the mechanics of timpani playing works. There are several things that determine how you play a cresendo on timpani. The composer, the orchestration, and the time period are just a few. However one thing is constant in all the above and that the note and drum you are rolling on determines the general speed of the roll.

    In the rolls in LOP I consiously sang different phrases in my head and played with them. This greatly enhances the realism when playing them back.

    In regards to the AO timpani cresendi let me assure you that no professional plays this way. I don\'t mean to be ugly but trust me, no one plays this way.

    The art of playing percussion is something that Sean and I dedicated our lives to almost 20 years ago. We have both spent years perfecting our craft and studying under various great instructors. I can assure everyone that the performances from Sean and I on LOP and any other library we have are of the upmost quality.

    Also doubling is a common practice in todays symphony orchestra. It happens most often in \"pops\" concert situations where the timpanist\'s job is limited and he often also plays percussion parts. This in no way takes away from a pecussionist at all. Actually quite the contrary as a percussionist who is more versitale gets more gigs!


    Regarding the comments of \"wacky\"

    Everyone is entitled to their own opinion however when it becomes a matter of facts instead of opinions it is a different story. You claiming that the performances are \"amaturish\" is just a plain lie. It surprises me that someone who doesn\'t have any percussion knowledge would so strongly challenge two guys who have made a career of it.

    I also find your post to be rather timely in accordance to my post beforehand...don\'t think this went unnoticed.

    As I said before an opinion is one thing but what you are doing is an attack. Threatning to spread you lie\'s to everyone if we don\'t fix what isn\'t broken is something you strongly want to reconsider. I strongly urge you contact me directly if you have any other problems.



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    Re: trying to reason

    I have had enough of this. I can remain silent no more!

    Donnie, buy a dictionary, you will find it to be of the \'upmost\' help when writing these endless posts about you and Sean and your degrees and experience and how you hate Gary Garritan and his minions.

    Nobody on this forum thinks you to be \'amaturish\', believe me.

    It is comforting to know that you sang phrases in your head; at least it suggests that something is going on in there.

    Understand that there is a difference between a typo and a dumbo.

    Waky keeps whacking you upside the head and now your family and his family and your wife and his wife and his family and the family next door and some poor people in third world are all suffering because wacky thinks your rolls are crap and you think professionals wouldn\'t play a roll like the one in AO.

    Alright already. We get it.

    (And for anyone who missed it):
    \"Everything was recorded by PROFESSIONAL percussionist (Sean and I). We have the degrees and the resume to prove it.\"

    So you both share a resume and you are a single percussionist with multiple degrees? I understand.

    \"The problem is that you don\'t just effect me but my wife, my son, Sean, and his family.\"

    And, of course, my family. This is driving my family crazy.

    \"I think he supporting me more for being honest than anything else.\"

    No, I think he supporting you cause you both crazy.

    \"Whats funny to me is that everyone keeps bringing up and defending GOS. Why? Like I said in my inital post...if the shoe doens\'t fit then don\'t sweat it....\"


    \"A couple of you want to keep this me against Gary going so let me just say for the record....I don\'t like Gary. I\'ll make no bones about that. Part of the reason is because he calls himself a developer which I don\'t believe he is. When I, or anyone else does a library, I do the following....

    set everything up myself.
    record/engineer everything myself
    play everything myself
    edit everything myself
    progam everything myself\"

    \"And our next release will be called \'spanicking thu munkee in Memphis Tenesseeeeeee\'\"

    \"You guys can think of me however you like but I\'m just being honest which is something that lacks in todays society. It makes me want to puke when I see someone kiss someones butt to there face only to turn around a minute later and bad mouth them. I just choose to tell it like it is...\"

    Kiss \'someones\' butt to \'there\' face? Only to turn around .. and bad mouth them? Did you mean that?

    Let\'s not talk about content. Who awarded you those dugrees?

    For goodness sake Donnie. Give it a break with all that Garritan stuff. This is a PUBLIC forum. Should Mr. Garritan be applying for a restraining order here?

    And as I said; buy a bloody dictionary. I\'m tired of showing your posts to people and saying \"This guy says he has a degree! No, three degrees!\"

    And please feel free to flame me anyone, cus I git bols leek donny. An Ah theenk dinny shud get leernt to reed n right, fore he goze sayin enythign aboot anybidy cus he no amature, he profeshunnul.

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    Re: trying to reason

    Ok, what about my last post did you not get? Can YOU read? Point to one sentence in my post above that has anything to do with the ramblings you just wnet on about. I said nothing about Gary nor did I imply anything twoards Gary. Your the one who needs to get off it. I hope you realize that you look like an idiot when you try to mock people....


    [This message has been edited by donnie (edited 04-08-2002).]

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    Re: trying to reason


    [This message has been edited by composer22 (edited 04-09-2002).]

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    Re: trying to reason

    <BLOCKQUOTE><font size=\"1\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by donnie:
    ...Also doubling is a common practice in todays symphony orchestra...<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

    Are you saying I can ask an \"A\" league symphonic timpanist to double on a classical concert?? I\'m having a hard time picturing that one (Boston, NY Phil, NSO etc)!

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    Re: trying to reason

    Oh yeah, absolutely!

    As a matter of fact most guys love to do it because you get a \"doubling\" fee. It happens all the time in every symphony...Boston, NY, Chicago, etc...

    It\'s just kind\'ve understood if your at that level you are expected to be able to do everything. You also have to realise that most if not all orchestra guys have extensive training in percussion as a core and the timpani guys have just chosen to center in on just timpani.

    You see most orch. managers try to get by as cheap as they can so instead of hiring a fourth for percussion on one piece he will try to use the timpanist or the other way around to avoid paying for an extra person.

    I love it when I have to double!

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    Re: trying to reason

    That interesting, because that isn\'t what I grew up with. Yes, yes, I know timpanists are good percussionists and can play the round, just 1) not what I learned 2) never seen a timpanist in a major league actually play anything but a timp...

    well..ya learn soommmmething eeevery day!

    Im now playing through LOP picking and choosing...jesus...how does one choose between two different GLOCKS, CYMBALS, CHIMES, BLABLA fer christ sake...so many choices...

    Im losing it...I need another 512mb of memory!

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    Re: trying to reason

    <BLOCKQUOTE><font size=\"1\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by composer22:

    Wow...I am sooo impressed with the way you handle those quotes and Man, you are just too coool...

    I can barely wait to get back to configuring my gigarig with your advice and opinions...thanks


    Thanks mate. Am I really cool? Well your \'gigarig\' could really do with some configuring, that is for sure. I suggest you configure it by switching it off forever and go get yourself a job where complete strangers don\'t have to be embarrassed for you. I don\'t think Jeremy Soule has anything to fear.

    Poor me. Getting the piss taken out of me by a couple of sub-bumpkins.

    Flame war? Is that all you do then? You publish any old s h i t e, then YOU decide when it\'s enough. You both badmouth incredibly talented people, then YOU decide when it\'s enough?

    Flame war? There should be a bloody IQ bar on this forum. Single-digits like yourselves should be banned.

    Your \'gigarig\'? Are you serious? You must have a very understanding daddy to let you get into your middle years without earning anything from your prufesshun. \'Gigarig\' indeed. Now, after me: \"Do you want fries with that?\"

    Uh, Donnie? Duz this meen weer not pals eneemower?

    Hey, compo do you think anyone was taken in by your embarrassing reaction to someone posting your URL?

    Both of you are quite the boys for bragging about your teachers though. I will give you that. You both have teachers who weren\'t jokes. I\'m sure they\'re chuffed as mince that you two keep blabbing their names all over the place; they must be proud.

    Hee, hee, hee - yes, I laugh at my own jokes as well.

    Sorry Papa and the other moderators, but these guys just tear into decent people who never did either of them any harm, just because they\'re talentless and stupid.

    Flame war? What are we, five-years old? Papa may ban people for foul language or offensive comments, but I won\'t sit back and read the drivel that you two print without, let\'s say...at least a little honest analysis. Because I know how much you two value honesty.

    If Gary Garritan or Jeremy Soule ever thought about frequenting this forum, I\'m sure you two have made sure that that will never happen.

    Now, before I go Compo, tell me about your \'Gigarig\' and how you manage to get those sounds? What can one say but; \"Compo\".

    Composer22? Composer? Yeah, right. Maybe in your world, saying makes it so. My sphincter blows a better tune without even trying.

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    Re: trying to reason

    <BLOCKQUOTE><font size=\"1\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by donnie:
    I hope you realize that you look like an idiot when you try to mock people....


    [This message has been edited by donnie (edited 04-08-2002).]

    No. I\'m not trying to mock people. I am mocking you, and there is not a lot you can do about it with such a dim wattage to work with.

    I just hope that someone takes you aside and explains it all very carefully to you.

    Maybe they could use pictures, or I could send some flashcards?

    Whether people think me an idiot is neither here nor there. What is in question is when you will realize that while nobody minds you being a bit thick, slandering people at every opportunity is just not on.

    Now, people can call this a flame war if they like, but in case you hadn\'t noticed, this not a flame war.

    You spontaneously combust without any help at all from me.

    The fact that you \'graciously\' (sorry Donnie, I mean grayshuslee) started a thread without slandering the Dark Lord Garritan does not undo what you have done.

    I suggest you stick to your timps and leave the talking to others. If you\'re jealous of someone, keep it to yourself.

    And Compo, dear Compo. What are we to do with you? So much education masquerading as intelligence. I fear you are not long for this world. The ledge beckons.

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    Re: trying to reason


    [This message has been edited by composer22 (edited 04-09-2002).]

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