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Topic: Interesting Dept: World Music Map

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    Interesting Dept: World Music Map

    Here is a map of the world in the form of musical notation: World Beat Music.

    Here's the section that shows South America:

    You can listen to the map at this link here. Perhaps the world could be in harmony by listening to the music in the Listening Room.

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    Re: Interesting Dept: World Music Map

    What a fantastic concept this is!

    Music the universal language; the bridge across all barriers.

    We are reminded of this when we see the American National Anthem being played in Pyongyang.

    Thanks Gary for sharing - I want one of those posters!

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    Re: Interesting Dept: World Music Map

    WOW! Very coooooooooooooool!

    Thanks Gary for this link!
    "Music is the shorthand of emotion." Leo Tolstoy

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    Re: Interesting Dept: World Music Map

    This was one of my ideas for my final project at uni (well part of it anyway), but the lecturers said it was a-a silly idea and b-had already done by composers hundreds of years ago....so i dropped it. Wish I hadnt now!

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    Re: Interesting Dept: World Music Map

    Excellent! Thanks for the links ... now where's the eggs?

    A world full of music ... what a ridiculous concept.

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    Re: Interesting Dept: World Music Map

    The music sounds rather worldly to me.
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    Re: Interesting Dept: World Music Map

    The music descriptions on plakovic.com seem to suggest that the sound samples and sheet music don't actually go together. Weird.

    -Chris Plorán
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