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Topic: VST chorus on Rhodes in GIga 3

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    Smile VST chorus on Rhodes in GIga 3

    Whats the best way to use a VST chorus?
    As a send on Aux, or on an input in the DSP section?
    I have found that the NFX chorus has a problem and will intermittently crash to a "buzz", so I am looking for a cheap or free alternative, but would like to place it in the most effective location. Both will work, but I would like to know what is considered as the industry method, and why.
    Bryan (Gold Coast)

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    Re: VST chorus on Rhodes in GIga 3


    You are going to love it! Incredible freeware - amazing series of plug-ins.

    There is a fat rhodes patch set up already - but tweakers delight as well.

    You can use it right in Giga 3 if you have a plugins folder setup.


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    Re: VST chorus on Rhodes in GIga 3

    Thanks Scott ..... After a bit of use (20 minutes or so) the Classic Chorus drops out ... don't know why. It will start again if I restart GS3. You are right, there is a good selection of plugins, however I need the operation to be consistent. Will keep looking.

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    Lightbulb Re: VST chorus on Rhodes in GIga 3

    On my GS3 system all VSTs stop processing after a variable period of time and restarting GS3 also brings them back.

    I found that disabling hyperthreading on my P4 processor solves this problem. I know someone who runs GS3 on a dual core and has the same problem but can't get rid of it because he can't just shut down one of the cores.

    This is likely the same problem you are having. I hope it will be solved in GS4.

    Concerning Rhodes FX: I use the free SimulAnalog pack of VST plugins a lot.


    It contains very authentic digital models of the following classics:

    - Boss DS-1 (Distortion stompbox)
    - Boss SD-1 (Super Overdrive stompbox)
    - Tube Screamer (Overdrive stompbox)
    - Oberheim PS-1 (Phaser stompbox)
    - Univox Univibe (Modulations stompbox)
    - Fender Twin 1969 (Guitar amplifier)
    - Marshall JCM900 Dual Reverb (Guitar amplifier)

    The Univibe (chorus) and PS-1 (phazer) work very well for the Scarbee rhodes. Like the originals, these VSTs are mono, however, and only process the left channel. Just use GS3's panning controls to get a processed mono signal into both channels. Alternatively, the processed signal in the left and direct signal in the right channel gives a nice stereo effect.

    BTW I always use modulation plugins as inserts in channels. Aux send setups mix the processed signal with the dry signal outside of the plugin, giving strange phase problems in many cases. Use the wet/dry mix settings of the plugin whenever possible.

    Hope this helps.



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    Re: VST chorus on Rhodes in GIga 3

    See if you like Gigastudio 3 / Scarbee RSP'73 w/ this modulation effect.

    It is used in an AUX buss.


    Well that's how we do it on a 6 AUX DSP Mixer Live.

    In this way, the rate and waveforms can be changed via MIDI CC's, as well as depth for FAT pads that would also share that AUX for certain textures.

    All in real time, live.

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    Re: VST chorus on Rhodes in GIga 3

    Firstly for Rob, thanks for the info, I am probably in a worse state because I am running GS3 on a four core CPU in a laptop. Regarding the FX you mention, they are an option, but I really want to work in stereo from the getgo. I am also hoping there will be better control over the cores with GS4. There is no mention of Hyperthreading on this machine. It seems to now depend on GS4, for me.....
    but I am really grateful for your input.
    Hey "Jimmy V" you didn't say what the plugin is, unless it comes with Scarbee RSP'73 w, or is that it's name? I have to say that effect is exactly what I am looking for, could you post a little more info please?
    This of course doesn't solve the cutting out problem, but I would figure out a work around somehow for an effect like that.
    cheers and thanks
    bryan H

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    Re: VST chorus on Rhodes in GIga 3

    It is called FLU-LIQ.

    It also does Vibrato's, and rotary cabinets.

    It is still in BETA, but I will post back by months end on it's progress.

    The developer is actually making this a giant Modulation device that does many, many things.

    I sure wish he would hurry up though.

    Anyone who likes the electro mechanical sample libraries of Scarbee should love this. It has all of the old stompbox effects quality re done w/o those nasty old analog noises. And can literally do any modulation effect, all parameters being controlled live via CC's.

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    Re: VST chorus on Rhodes in GIga 3

    Hi Jimmy,
    I downloaded the zip file for "Flu-Liq", and it opens showing a .mdl file, but that is as far as things go. I thought this was a plugin, and set the file in "components" where the other plugins are, but the file doesn't show up in GS. Is this a plugin or is a stand alone app? .. if you could reply at your earliest as I am trying to get this fixed up before the weekend ... (currently Monday mid day Queensland Australia.)
    Bryan H

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    Re: VST chorus on Rhodes in GIga 3

    Hi Bryan,

    In the even that Jimmy doesn't reply for a bit, I don't think you should get hung up on this unless you have a creamware scope card. I think the plug Jimmy used was actually a module for scope, and not a VST plugin at all. I could be wrong, though. Just a hunch.


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    Re: VST chorus on Rhodes in GIga 3

    Hi Belbin,
    Thanks, I thought it would be something like that.... bugger
    Bryan H

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