Hey all. I have a DAW with 2 motu 2408 mk3s connecting 24 adat to a gig machine with an RME HDSP 9652 and the other 24 adat to a similar machine. I am doing mostly orchestral or orchestral hybrid writing. Until now I have always loved GigaPulse and spent considerable time making templates to use it "live" meaning that my DAW records midi only and when I mix i just make a stereo dump of all the instruments wet, or sometimes in section (strings, wwinds, etc) but still wet, and then anything I add in from my DAW (from kontakt or live instruments) I have to find appropriate reverb and placement to mix it in... and its always like 85% there and I am never happy with my mixes. Often I think it detracts from the music and leaves you feeling, in the very least, some subliminal sensation of wrongness.

I know that people use GigaPulse (the version in GS3, not the stand alone plugin) for convolution reverb'ing and I am wondering how I set that up? I would love to be recording my tracks dry and when its time to mix, using all of my adat channels and gigapulse to create a truly live orchestral or studio cinematic orchestral sound

Any ideas are appreciated!