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Topic: Has anyone heard this?

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    Has anyone heard this?

    In an article on music in New Scientist I read the following:
    "In a Sardinian style of a cappela singing a fifth voice called the qunitina (literally the fifth one) emerges from four male voices when their harmony and timbres are just right. The voice is said to be that of the Virgin Mary rewarding the singers for their piety but is in fact a misperception of the chord and its harmonics "

    Have you heard this? How does it work and can the technique be used with instruments to get a similar effect ?

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    Re: Has anyone heard this?

    Things like this are a result of mathematics. The "difference" or "summation" tones produced by combinations of other tones are a well-known physical result of combinations of frequencies. Throat singers of Tanyl Tuva (sp?) and apparently the Sardinian singers (as well as countless instrumental ensembles) produce these tones. Listen to Gyorgy Ligeti's ATMOSPHERES for difference tones produced by two piccolos in seconds in a very high tessitura. Low notes are apparent (I wouldn't call it a mis-perception) where the wave forms collide forming a new wave form.

    Anyway, it's a well-known effect.

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    Re: Has anyone heard this?

    ....................................... I don't hear anything.

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    Re: Has anyone heard this?

    Quote Originally Posted by Styxx View Post
    ....................................... I don't hear anything.
    Start singing


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    Re: Has anyone heard this?

    Quote Originally Posted by Styxx View Post
    ...I don't hear anything.
    Perhaps you have been drumming too hard and your ears are shot.

    I once saw a ventriloquist on HBO many years ago who was able to do a technique where two of his puppets would sing at the same time. It looked like it too quite an effort to do it. I still can't figure out how he was able to do it.
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    Re: Has anyone heard this?

    I've also heard about this being done using polyphonics on a brass instrument, where if you play the root and the fifth at the same time and they're perfectly in tune, you'll be able to hear the third.
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