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Topic: Piano piece "Il Portello"

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    Piano piece "Il Portello"

    Here is a piece I composed today inspired by a painting that my friend had sent me. Due to the dark nature (which I absolutely LOVE) of the art, the music is obviously dark and somewhat dissonant. It is in ternary form and I use octatonicism and some tonal (not functional) language. I have a link to the MP3 and a link to the PDF score of the piece. I know there are a few things I need to touch up on the score, but I'm tired and just want to post it to get feedback!




    Captain Hook (if you see Pan let me know!)

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    Re: Piano piece "Il Portello"

    Hey J.E.J III

    It's entertaining; the duality of emotion of each hand. It seemed to me that the left was performing a more dissonant and/or angry role while the right had more of a child like part - lightly humorous and skipping along it's way. Very much enjoyed - a very unusually voice you have - very refreshing! Thanks for sharing!

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    Re: Piano piece "Il Portello"

    Quirky and peppered with unexpected flashes
    of color and shifts of vector... but very cogently
    put together. I love smaller scale, almost
    preludial piano expressions like this, briefer
    explorations of a few central elements -- very
    well done.

    Very nice work with the score, too, Captain!

    My best,


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    Smile Re: Piano piece "Il Portello"

    Thank you both for the your wonderful and extremely informative comments! I am thankful that you took the time to give details on what you thought, believe me it helps a lot!

    I'm writing the next piece and there will be a suite of four total to join the four paintings sent to me form the same artist. I got some feedback from one of my original professors and I believe that I will take his advice.

    He suggested that instead of repeating the first theme verbatim, to vary the repeat just a bit and I agree will do so. Other than that he also noted that there are a few notation issues that could be cleaned up.

    Once again, I value any comments that are given! Take care!

    Captain Hook (if you see Pan let me know!)

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