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Topic: New-older work

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    New-older work

    Hello friends, romans and countrymen,

    As told in another thread "I'll give up...." I am reworking the works I have put at this forum, with most of the advices of DPDAN. A lot of work, I must say, but it pleases me.

    This piece here, is the second part of the Symphonic Poem, completely reworked, and not yet to my satisfaction. Please help me to sort out the mistakes/distortion.


    At about 4:11 - 4:20, more or less beginning at 4:18, I hear some distortion of the Violins1 &2. Taking them apart to sort it out, didn't help. It remains whatever I do (volume, frequency equalized, etc.). It is done with KP1 and Sonar.

    Known distortions on the violins 1&2 are: 8830 Hz, 7500 Hz, ~6500 Hz, 5300 Hz and ~3000 Hz. Automated in Sonar equalizer I lower the dB's when they play with more volume AND in the higher registers.

    Maybe a silly question, when the whole lot updated from KP1 to KP2 where there any sample corrections also involved (not technically speaking, but corrected sounds)?


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    Re: New-older work

    Two things I've found myself at last. First, I removed that 7500 equalization. Second I had a closer look at the CC#1 for both violins1 & 2. At those places where the distortion occurred they went up to the max. 127. To experiment I lowered them a bit (the whole track) and suddenly no more audible distortion (or at least way less).

    Conclusion: it is tricky to go all the way with CC#1 at 127 when high registers are involved (I mean the notes). I must also tell you that those distorted parts also have the flutes playing "doubled" violins1. So a bit of artificial harmonics can also play a part. But isolating the strings, gave me the result I aimed for.

    What do you think?


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    Re: New-older work

    I am so happy for you Raymond!
    You are learning the very best way possible,
    you are trusting your ears and experimenting with various things.

    You nailed it with possible distortion. It is a good thing to check the volume of each instrument in the Kontakt player. Especially if you plan to use high levels of modwheel, and typically, that is likely the case with Overlay sounds.

    For instance, whenever I use the Overlay brass patches I am more reserved with the volume setting making sure to not overload the player's outputs.
    The audio levels in the Kontakt players are pretty trustworthy.

    Another thing you mentioned, and is also part of what you were hearing is the flute playing the same notes as the violins. That is always a very tricky thing to pay attention to.

    Keep doing what you are doing. Also, be very careful if you are using EQ to alter the sound of any of these instruments, remember..... really nice microphones were used to record them and ultimately, the instruments in GPO and JABB sound pretty real the way they are with regard to frequency response.

    I say that to say this,...
    if you use an EQ at say 3000khz, be very careful if you use another band of EQ anywhere near it. Try to stay at least and octave away from the first frequency that you used. Equalizers can make the sound very nasty real quick if you are using two or more bands too close to each other,... there could be some mighty nasty frequency phasing issues.


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    Re: New-older work


    I don't remember exactly what your previous version sounded like, but I would like to congratulate you on this exquisite rendering. I sounds absolutely beautiful. I know you said you are not quite happy yet, but I think you did an outstanding job with this. The music seems to be alive. And the composition itself is of course outstanding. Thank you.
    Kind Regards

    Louis Dekker
    My Music Site

    Pour être grand, il faut avoir été petit.

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    Re: New-older work

    Thanks guys. DPDAN I think you have a repetitive, repetitive, repetitive....... send knob on your computer.


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    Re: New-older work

    I think the forum's server was having some maintenance going on while I kept trying to post that last night
    I deleted the other two redundant posts...

    redundant dpddddann

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    Re: New-older work

    Quote Originally Posted by DPDAN View Post
    I think the forum's server was having some maintenance going on while I kept trying to post that last night
    I deleted the other two redundant posts...

    redundant dpddddann

    ... or a "round robin" as Gunther showed us.

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    Re: New-older work


    This is very nice. As our rendering skills get better, we seem to have a larger and larger backload of music files to update and no time to do it all.

    Well done


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    Re: New-older work

    I updated the MP3 file with the latest amendments(the link is in the original message). Having listened to it several times, having experimented a bit with different equal. settings, amended some of the CC#1's and amended also some of the notes for the celli, I can't think of anything else. My equipment is not fit for anything else, I had to do it all with those free plugins, objects that came with Sonar and Garritan Ambience.

    I also used Perfect space, but somehow I couldn't get the right sound to my ears. Maybe the impuls file was to blame. Don't know. Later this year I will have another look at it, for now I say: "it is finished, go on to the next piece/project".

    Thank you all folks for your constant encouragement, not to give up.


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    Re: New-older work

    The rendering here is very, very nice. There is a lot of life in all the parts, especially the strings. You do a great job of changing the intensity of the attacks and sustained pitches; so often, the pitches just sit, with no internal motion ( I am guilty of this), but you really have taken a lot of time to get the details right. Dan should be proud of his pupil!

    And, it is a beautiful piece - a nicely distinctive voice. Thanks for sharing it with us!
    Ron Pearl





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