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Topic: Website assistance needed

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    Website assistance needed

    I know this isn't the ideal forum for what I'm looking for, but I've had some good support in the past here, so what the hec. I'm looking for someone qualified to do the maintenance of my website guybacos.com, I'll fill you in if you are interested, let me know your hourly fee?



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    Re: Website assistance needed

    I like your website! Great skills you've got there on the composing front.

    I do website design and maintenance, but I don't know Flash. I'm assuming since your site is in Flash that whoever did the work for you would have to know Flash? Or are you trying to change your website?

    Sorry, just asking questions so that it's clear.

    Anyways, I'm in your "listening room" right now and enjoying your music immensely. If only I could know the things you do! I'm practicing though.

    By the way, is the audio player on your listening page custom coded? If not, where did you get that? It's very slick.


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    Re: Website assistance needed

    Yes, I'm happy about the website, the people did a great job, however they don't seem able to keep up with my pace when I need changes done and I do like to improve it once in a while, so it's a bit of a problem for me.

    Unfortunately it uses flash tech. I'm sure there are a ton of people out there who could do this, I just don't want to pick one randomly from the internet, sort of like a blind date.

    Thanks for the music compliment.


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    Re: Website assistance needed

    I found this http://www.ozzu.com/job-opportunities/ if anyone else is looking for stuff like that.

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    Re: Website assistance needed

    I have flash knowledge, and would like to know which version/format you have for the website. PM me with your budget and information or email me at jeremy.saenz@gmail.com

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